Dynamis Xarcabard or why I blame Firi.

So, we got Xarc for Dynamis this week with no problem. That in itself is unusual but most welcome.  Good turnout but as ever just as we feel we have enough melee but not enough mages, all the melee disappear and the mages show up… so some reshuffling and we went in with a good setup.

It was the first time for a few of our peeps in Xarc as we’d gotten a whole new set of peeps access.  I lead the BLMs up to do the eye tower which we did effortlessly and quickly. No mess ups, no spontaneously deciding to aga, just 3 timed nukes and we were back with the main alliance.

Our usual RNG wasn’t there for the first time,  and we messed the first statue time extension up but eventually we got it done.  Not before the Carebear of War managed to complete his MNK relic. Not bad for a character that only got Xarc access last week!  One of our first drops – MNK. Still what we gave to Sugarbear,  we made up for in lost xp on Xan.

The Carebear of WAR goes 5/5

The Carebear of WAR goes 5/5

We saw two drops this week which we haven’t seen before.  The first was PUP and Eiden was in the zone /cheer and the second was DRG and Axy was there too! Meaning we have two happy players who for once happened to be there. Of course, SE being the vindictive bastards they are, saw us see another PUP head drop. Which would be awesome – if Firi (our only other PUP) wasn’t off somewhere at a festival.  So I blame Firi, cos everyone knows stuff only drops when you’re not there.  SCH hat will drop when I’m away at the end of the month for sure.

We saw a Montiont early on which is always nice and then later on,  I nuked the HP stat up on the wall,  and it dropped a Hundred Byne.  Nice for Xarc at least.   We didn’t many relic drop though, PUP, MNK, WAR, DRG, PUP is not exactly inspirational but at least  we completed two sets and made four peeps very happy. Alu got the second PUP as she’s levelling it right now.

Big Sexy Galkas!

Big Sexy Galkas!

I then dragged Clevan up to the past Northlands as a bust tv had stopped him playing for 10 days and he’d missed on all the divebombing-dragon fun. My linkshell is full of wusses who all vowed never again after Campaign up in Xarc [S] for some reason I love it.  Sure divebombing-dragons make it lively but I love the fact it is rather hellish and hard. I then in a fit of principle, singlehandedly took out the Mantelets which popped once the battle was over. Sure it did no good whatsoever but the music and the zone are pretty awesome, especially when empty.

All I want to say about Einherjar is when faced with 12 slimes and 12 clots as your second wave, wanting to pack up and go home is not unusual. Could we have just one run without a) slimes  and b) someone messing up? Getting close to my second ampoules item now.

We ran off to do more KSNM99s afterwards to cheer ourselves up.  Which they did! No speed belts but another juggy and some reasonable drops and – the two Wyrm beards we wanted for Kazgoroth and Sugarbear. Was a good weekend for Xan’s alt. My orb dropped a dragon heart so I have more blood stacking up on Hetal and some raxa for my Samue synths.  Mart gifted me his dragon heart as a birthday present and so now I’m still trying to decide whether to sell the blood or try and synth more -1s. Either way, I need to build up more cash for Cloth (98.4) to 100.

Salvage has started off ok. No notable drops yet – a handful of cards and 15s but  because of maint and updates we’ve not had many runs (3? 4?). We’re focusing on 35’s in Bhaflau and Silverseas. We did a token Arrapego run which was one hell of a lot more fun than ramparts but we messed up so didn’t kill the NM in time. On the whole though it’s going ok.

We also managed to fit in a Promy Vahzl on Friday for BA and Reccaa so now they’re caught up to the others and won’t be too long before they, a couple of alts and Mel/Kuro  are in Sea. I think when I counted up we have 40 peeps or so registered as full members on the forum, of which 4-5 don’t have access. Not that we ever see them all on at once or in some cases regularly but it’s nice.

One last comment – Dellos is a slut.  Main lot DRK in 5/5 WAR scandal! Least it is 75 now.

Dellos 5/5 WAR

Dellos 5/5 WAR

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