Eld’s Guide to Collecting Zeni…

I wrote this in response to some comments from peeps in the shell. However much you point people at the wiki, some people won’t read it. Drives me nuts frankly. I’m sure peeps have written other (and better) guides, this is just mine. We’re about to try Tinnin for Firi, so everyone attending suddenly needs 500z.


Right, you’ve been informed you need 500 zenis for the weekend OR you want to kill some ZNMs – either way, you don’t have a clue where to start.

Where do I start?
You go to Aht Urhgan Whitegate (E-8), near the zone to Al Zhabi and Speak to Sanraku and his assistant Ryo.

What are Zenis and why do I need them?
Zenis are just another form of points. They are need to ‘buy’ pop/trigger items for the NMs you want to defeat.

How do I earn Zenis?

You earn Zenis by taking photographs (Soul plates) of certain monsters that Sanraku is interested in painting. We didn’t say it had to make sense.

How do I know which monsters I should take photographs of?

Sanraku wants different subjects to paint periodically. It seems to change either when he reaches a certain quota or after a certain number of game days. You should always check before going out to take pictures for him and after you’ve traded a set. To check what Sanraku is interested in, talk to Ryo. She will give you a family of monsters to photo and also a special interest individual monster (like Hydra or something from Assault or Nyzul Isle). Most people take pictures of members of the family Ryo mentions and don’t bother with the special.

OK, so I know which family of monsters Sanraku wants to paint today how do I take pictures (Soul Plates)?

Right. If you have ever done Pankration, you have a headstart. You need a Soultrapper (Camera) and some Soul plates (film). These are equipped in your Range and Ammo slots respectively. Once equipped the Soultrapper can be ‘used’ like any other item.

How do I get a Soultrapper and Soul Plates

The short answer is you buy them from Zandjarl (F-7) in the Coliseum. The Coliseum is a zone off Whitegate and marked on your map.

Zandjarl says he needs Jettons before I can buy things from him… now what?
Well… don’t panic. If you’ve done Pankration, you are probably familiar with Jettons, so use some of them to buy your new Soultrapper and plates and head on out. If you’ve no clue what a Jetton is you will be relieved to know you don’t HAVE to do Pankration to earn some. You can simply trade some Imperial Currency to Zandjarl and he will reward you with some Jettons.

  • 1 Bronze = 1 Jettons,
  • 1 silver = 10 jettons,
  • 1 mythril = 30 jettons and
  • 1 gold = 200 jettons.

2 jettons will buy you a basic Soul Trapper (camera) and 2 more will get you 12 blank soul plates. If you think you’re going to be collecting Zenis for a while, it’s more cost effective to trade over a gold.

Ok, so I have my Soultrapper, my 12 soulplates and I know what Sanraku wants pictures of – now what?

Well now, you go out and find monsters in the family he’s talking about and take pictures of them. Simple huh? Well yes and no… first thing to know is that Sanraku will only accept 10 soul plates from you per game day and that the amount of zenis he will grant you per plate varies.

So how do I get the most zenis?

You can trade ANY soul plate to him and he will always give you some points. For example even if it’s not from the monster family he’s interested in, he will give you 20-30 per plate. However to get the most points you need to find the highest level monsters in that family, bring their health to 1-5% and then take pictures. In this way you’ll earn 70-100 zenis per plate. 100 seems to be the max you can earn per plate.

In summary:

  • Get Soul Trapper + Soul plates
  • Check with Ryo which mobs Sanraku wants pics of
  • Take pics of high level mobs from that family at 1-5% health
  • Trade the generated soul plates back to Sanraku (up to 10 per game day)
  • Earn Zenis

Ok, so now I have some Zenis – what do I do with them?

If you just need the key item to access a Tier IV fight (like Sicklemoon Salt for Tinnin) then all you need is 500 zenis. This key item is one use only and is used to transport you to the battlefield where each of the Tier IV ZNMs are fought. They are ZNM versions of Cerberus, Hydra and Khimaira who live on Islands off the coast.

If you want to pop a ZNM, initially you need to gather enough zenis (usually 1000 for a Tier I NM) to buy a pop item from Sanraku.

OK, so I bought my pop item for a Tier I ZNM what do I do with it and how can I get pop items for higher tier ZNMs?

You trade your pop item to a specific ??? to pop the NM.  Check wiki for more details as to where. To get access to higher level ZNMs you need to kill low level ones and collect the rare ex item each one drops and take it back to Sanraku.

Ok I killed a Tier I and it dropped me some weird item – what do I do with it?

Trade it to Sanraku. In return he gives you a Key Item which is a coloured seal. You then have access to the next level ZNMs in that path. These seals are temporary key items. Then once you have accumulated the appropriate numbers of zenis for say your Tier II, you exchange both the seal and your zenis and get a pop item for a Tier II ZNM.

What about even higher level ZNMs?

For tier III ZNMs you need the item dropped from a Tier II, for Tier IV you need all three items dropped from the NMs in your path at Tier III.

What’s all this about paths?

There are three different paths to a range of different NMs. One is the Tinnin path, one is the Sarameya Path and one is the Tyger path. Each path consists of different NMs and leads to a different Tier IV Boss.

And who the hell is Pandemonium Warden and what does he have to do with anything?

Pandemonium Warden is the Tier V Mega Boss of ZNMs. He’s like Absolute Virtue or Kirin and sits at the top of the hierarchy.

To pop PW you need to collect three seals, gained by trading in the special drops from Sarameya, Tinnin and Tyger and turn over a lot of zenis. You then get a pop item which is used to pop PW in Aydeewa Subterrane. He has 8 adds, 10 different forms and must be killed in 2 hours. He’s tough and generally considered (at the time of writing) to be the second hardest mob in the game


  • You often see peeps bazaaring near Ryo & Sanraku – they’re often selling Soulplates. Good for a quick fix if you’re close to having enough or feeling lazy.
  • You can trade ANY soulplate to Sanraku, some Sea and rare mobs earn decent if not max points. Consider this if you have spares or see some bazaared.

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One Comment on “Eld’s Guide to Collecting Zeni…”

  1. Razorcat
    August 7, 2009 at 17:11 #

    This is excellent. I’ve been clueless as to the correct procedure reading them piecemeal from wiki.


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