Being a linkshell leader is really weird sometimes. There are lots of great things about it and lots of strange things about it.  In the real world, I’ve run a few groups for work, supervised a team etc but never really been a line manager for anyone.  I’ve also been involved in running events as a hobby around the country but even then not in any major way.

So I am constantly surprised by the things that get thrown at me.  I’m going to admit right now that some of the things I’ve learnt about people in game I have used elsewhere.  However, I do not condone FFXI as an effective management training tool!

I was up talking to Doyler and Xan on Skype or Vent or something the other night (Seren now has Vent thanks to Ere 🙂 ). I kept saying I was going to bed but ended up just chilling out and chatting a lot. It was really nice. (Even if I had work the next morning.)

Why do people ask me which subjobs/food/equipment they should bring?

Every event, without fail someone will ask me about the above. Now subjobs – well some of the time that’s not unreasonable because there may be certain conditions to events which require something different  OR we may have multiple RDMs and we need 2 of em to sub DRK etc. Fair enough really.

When your frontline RDMs ask which sub for them in Dynamis and they only ever get to bring one, (BLM) you do have to giggle (<3 Reccaa) .  Sub jobs – ok, fair enough I do understand it’s a pain to go back to town and change but no really, I don’t need your SMN to sub SAM this week.

But why –oh –why are you asking me about food? Seriously?

Look at my job list… I have WHM, SMN, BRD, BLM, SCH and RDM at 75 and I’m asking all you ranged types about food for COR… what on earth do I know about melee food?   Sure I know a bit about a melee food and a reasonable amount about Tank food but honestly what the hell do I know about SAMs? My answer to you would be ‘iono.. sushi? Talk to <insert capable DD name here>?’

MNKs, SAMs, WARs, DRGs, NINs, DRKs, PUPs, DNC, BLU, THF and prolly others – I have no CLUE what you need to eat! I could guess for NIN… maybe some dorado sushi if tanking? Apparently if in doubt Coeurl Subs are good to mention for DDs… I’ve been told about Rabbit Pies and Curry buns but I don’t know who should use em when!  All I know is rice dumplings freaking rock for subjobs!

PLDs I’d guess you can’t go wrong with Tacos. Sometimes HP food like carbonara for things like Ultima. Sure I know bits but come on people – I live on wizard cookies, cream puffs and the occasional stew!  I can manage Pot au Feu and Squid Sushi now for COR but honestly that’s pushing it!

And don’t get me started about gear. I have opinions about gear but my opinions tend to be

  • -ENM is good
  • Haste is awesome
  • MND/INT are awesome
  • MAC/MAB are awesome

Accuracy? WTF is that? I know I need some and so grab things from my Mog House so I don’t whiff in campaign. I know Suppa is nice when dual wielding (and for sword skill) but I can’t tell you how to figure out your builds for particular NMs or camps…

I’ve got Haste cracked – I’m a haste junky for recast (that’s why even though I’d get a bigger WHM ePeen for having em, I don’t own Healer’s Mitts +1). So I can put together great haste builds for WHM and RDM melee… but ya know, the intricacies of the haubergeon/hauberk/domaru/askar/whateveritis are probably lost to me.

I know the things which everyone knows and a few more from listening to friends talking to me about stuff but I am not an expert on melee. Seriously.

See that bunch lurking over there? Or that guy who reads wiki and BG like they’re the brady guide? They know about melee. Yarly.

Me:  COR 66, NIN 37, DRK 37, THF 26, WAR 24


  • Dellos: DRK, SAM, WAR, DRG at 75, NIN 60+ and I think MNK 50 ish?
  • Erestor: NIN, RNG, SAM, WAR, BRD at 75
  • Xan: RNG, THF, SAM at 75 with MNK on Sugar, NIN on Fade
  • Kazgoroth: MNK, WAR, PLD, SAM at 75
  • Doyler: DRK, BLU, NIN at 75
  • Pharmecius: MNK, WAR, SAM, DRG, COR, BLM, RDM, WAR (at least… I can’t keep up with Pharm lol)

Niamh, Mart,  Axy, Firi, Josiey, Nui, Pam, Zio in fact ANYONE who has levelled a melee job to 75 may be able to help you more with questions about melee than I will.

But no, I’m the Boss so ask me.  I used to wonder why Berd went afk sometimes before events – I completely understand now. I’ll be honest, I don’t mind answering questions but my answer is probably – talk to <insert capable DD name here>?

The problem is, when you know stuff – people know you know stuff, so they assume you know more stuff than you know. Ya know?

I’m also not the only person in the shell who can answer questions. I’m gonna be honest this is less of a problem than it was but I know Doy (and others) got to the point where he wanted to throw things because every question in the shell would start with ‘Eld…’.

There are people in the shell who have played longer, killed more and have wider experience than I do. I have no problem admitting this. I also have no problem helping anyone but honestly,  it amuses me intensely that I should know anything about melee jobs…

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