Pouring gil away or why I’m not yet 100 Cloth

Before someone with Cooking or Bonecraft bugs me again as to why I am not 100 Cloth yet, I’m going to point out a few things.  I’ve had this a few times in the past, where there is a bit of a comprehension gap.  Clothcraft is expensive. It’s horribly expensive. It’s gotten cheaper with the addition of synths from 55-100 but it’s still ludicrous.  I am only doing this because I want to, not because I feel it will pave my way to riches. In all honesty, it was probably one of the stupidest things to choose to level – however once you start, like Pringles, it’s hard to stop.

I acknowledge that there are nasty sections in every craft.

Argent Coat   (100)

This is the synth most people now do to get to 100 in a hurry. Mostly because it doesn’t take 2 galateia. Needs some leather and some Alchemy (22ish?). I had leather 60 when it came out so I don’t need to test the level of the sub.

  • Silk Cloth (5k)
  • Silver Thread  (1k)
  • Velvet Cloth (4k)
  • Platinum Silk Thread (3k)
  • Galateia (100-120K)
  • Eltoro Leather (15-20k)
  • Silver Chain (5k)
  • Baking Soda (2k)

Galateia and Eltoro leather both are ENM drops.  Thankfully in popular ENM areas. The hardest part after the leather and gala, is getting hold of Baking Soda. You need 21 ish Alchemy to make this coat anyway so you can make your own if you can get or make Movapolis water.

Cost of the materials from AH:  approx 140k
End Product sells for : 35k
Loss: 105k per synth

Now, you’ll save a bit by making some of this crap yourself but the basic fact is that unless you enm every single Gala and get to keep them all you are essentially writing off 100k per synth. So if you’re looking at 24-48 synths to get from 99-100 you’re looking at throwing away 2.5-5m for that one level.

Cursed Dalmatica (100)

This is a synth which creates the base item for the Dalmatica and it needs 50-60 leather. The Abjuration needed to uncurse the Dalmy drops from Odin and Land Kings only. So if you’re in a good Einherjar shell or HNMLS, you have a much higher chance of getting synth opportunities than anyone else. You can sell the occasional cursed dalmy on the AH or in bazaars.

  • Gold Chain (20k)
  • Siren’s Macrame (synthed for 564k)
  • Velvet Cloth x2 (8k)
  • Behemoth Leather (500k+)
  • Gold Thread (7k)
  • Rainbow Cloth (23k)
  • Ram Leather (2k)

Firstly, you never buy Siren’s Macrame as a clothcrafter, you synth it.  It’s synthed from 2 siren hairs, 2 gold thread and 2 rainbow thread, so throw those in there too.  If you have a high level Leathercraft friend, it’s slightly cheaper to synth Behe leather than buy it for 500k.

Cost of the materials from AH:  approx 1. 45m
End Product sells for :  1.4m
Loss: 50k per synth

In all honesty, if you sat and made everything you can, you’d prolly find this was at least break even and possibly a minor profit. The problem (aside from fronting 1.4m) is finding 24-48 people who need a Cursed Dalmatica. (And who also have no other crafter to turn to.)  So this becomes an occasional synth to do when you get a shot, with someone else’s materials.  Or one to turn out every now and then when you can afford to throw away 1.4m (in case of break).

Errant Cape (100)

I made my own Errant Cape at 93+3. Blew it up once and didn’t lose the important item…  Had synth support but I knew it would be quite a long time before I hit 99 Cloth so didn’t sit on it. One of the most precious things I own thanks to my shell mates.

Cassie? Yarly. Capricious Cassie of Fei-Yin-Bad-Breath fame. Ms 21-24 hr hates-to-drop NM.  So what has she got to do with this? She drops a key component of this cape – the amity cape.  No, you don’t see that listed as a component because, it has to be synthed into a mid level cape (Peace Cape) before being synthed into an errant cape. Amity Capes currently sell for 800k.   One peace cape has sold on our server, ever and that was just to show off.

The problem is that should you hq the level 87 peace cape synth, the resulting peace cape +1 cannot be used for the errant cape. Which is a bit of a bugger really.  Until recently this put a lot of people off as 800k down the drain is no one’s idea of fun.  You can now of course get a ring which stops you hqing things. I need to finish up my points and get it.

This actually isn’t a bad synth if you can afford to front up 800k to buy the odd amity cape on the AH. But they don’t come up often, this is another odd synth, 2-4 amity capes sell on the AH a month. And I don’t think I can remember the last time I saw one in a bazaar.

Make these occasionally when you can afford to lose 800k if you blow it up. It is possible to blow it up and not lose the peace cape.

Kyudogi (100)

This needs 54+ Goldsmithing as well as leather.  At this point, I fail because I don’t have 54 Goldsmithing yet. I have 28. I am working on it but I’m not too bothered right now because this is the only synth at this level which needs 50+ Gold.

1 x Rainbow Thread

  • 1 x Kejusu Satin
  • 1 x Sailcloth
  • 1 x Sheep Chammy
  • 1 x Cerberus Leather
  • 1 x Scintillant Ingot
  • 1 x Yoichi’s Sash
  • 1 x Imperial Silk Cloth

If you notice though there are ingredients here which aren’t exactly easy and/or cheap to get hold of. Thankfully Yoichi’s Sash has plummeted in price from over 1m to 230k and has gone from very rare to about 8 selling on the AH a month.  The real problem though is the Cerberus Leather. It takes a level 95+ leathercrafter to make Cerberus Leather and the existence of hides. If you’re a high level leathercrafter, chances are you’re trying  for HQ Cerb mantles and shells tend to craft em for their members. The hide sells for 1.3m and the leather for 1.8. Even the scintillant ingot is 75k…

The end product does sell for 2.5-3m but one leather sold ever on my server. Hides do come up reasonably often so if you do know a high level leathercrafter you might be able to do a deal.

But honestly,  when are you ever going to sell up to 48 Kyudogis?  The odd 3-4 maybe. But anyone with 3 million who levels RNG will probably buy an osode. So this is not a synth you can spam. Especially not (as there are) if other crafters are also doing so.

Blessed Briault (102)

This is what everyone used to make before they chose to throw their gil away on Argent Coats in a recent-ish update instead.

  • Spool Of Silver Thread
  • Spool Of Gold Thread x2
  • Square Of Velvet Cloth x2
  • Square Of Rainbow Cloth
  • Square Of Galateia x2

So you scroll down the list and am thinking, ‘wow, this looks good’ and then you stumble upon Square Of Galateia x2.  200-220k right there, let alone anything else.

So, what does this expensive MP and barspell macro piece go for on an average Auction House on Alexander? 300k? Nope. 200k? Nope. 100k? Nope.


Yarly. Approx 230k loss, per synth. 24-48 synths… a possible 11m loss!

So, this is why Clothcraft to 100 isn’t fun.  And when you can level 99-100 on 8k dragon talons or Titanictus Shell (which admittedly you need a fisher for but still come up on the AH for 2k…) I don’t wanna hear it.  I also don’t want to hear how hard –done-by you are for having to farm up Royal Jelly in Crawler’s nest for Cursed Soup. Sure it’s a royal pain but at least you can. I can’t remember the last time I could farm up Cerberus hides or Amity Capes solo. And at least peeps want cursed soups for ambrosia.

This absolutely isn’t aimed at anyone in particular. I have had passing questions from people in the past and something made me think of that today.  I’m sure other crafts are hell on earth but I’m not sure that anything is worse than Cloth 99-100.

Yeah, my stupid.



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One Comment on “Pouring gil away or why I’m not yet 100 Cloth”

  1. Razorcat
    August 14, 2009 at 01:16 #

    One of my clothcraft friends got a skill up when she made my argent coat. She was one happy camper! ^^V


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