Long Armed Chariot

Hmm an earlier draft is messing things around…

We’ve tried this a couple of times now and last night we cracked it. Took us a while but we learnt one hell of  alot in the process. So I think we’ll cut down our time on this NM quite a lot. Everyone who came along got a new title 🙂 and we say Usukane feet 25 and Skadi Mask 25 drop.  We were hoping for 25 Marduk legs piece but we needed the Usukane component too so it was fine!

Long Armed Chariot Kill
Long Armed Chariot Kill

I’ve been really busy and fairly stressed in real life so I haven’t had much time to update. COR is now 68 with my WAR sub not yet done at 30 but it’s getting there. I need to finish up WAR and get working on DNC so I can move to my final project. I have WHM, RDM, NIN and RNG for COR so WAR is just a nice luxury and DNC a nice utility sub. But as I want those both for other things, it all works out.

Eld in Campaign
Eld in Campaign

I’ve spent a lot of time in Campaign recently, trying to get up to 110 AN and finishing off INT upgrade #4. I’m a few hundred xp from that INT upgrade and about 10k AN from 110. I want the Cobra Harness for my COR, then I’ll go back to working on hMP strap etc. I have the Sturm’s report already.

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