I think I overdosed…

Because for some reason I’m stubbornly loyal to Bastok, I really didn’t want to jump ship to Windurst when I worked out I wanted a piece of Cobra gear. I could have switched, done 10 days work of campaign and bought the item I wanted for 75k. Did I? Did I hell! Somehow I couldn’t face giving in to the midgets..

Cobra Harness Stats

Cobra Harness Stats

I was pretty close to having the points for the harness before I bought a Sturm’s Report. At least that was from Bastok… so then I realised I needed a ton of Allied Notes.  WHM/NIN is the most fun for me in campaign, in fact Mystic Boon turned my opinion of Campaign around because combined with a decent ish melee setup I can do just fine and can even solo mobs. I can certainly tank them.

So armed with my trusty martial and perdu paddles, I decided to try and complete two things at once – the first was get the Allied Notes for my Cobra Harness (112.5k) and the second to finish INT upgrade #4.

Well suffice to say, INT #4 got done and I’m nearly 2 merits into whatever I decide to merit next! I usually take a break and merit other crap for a bit before going back to stats but not sure if I will this time.  You see I’d quite like a strap and perhaps some legs… but maybe I should give in and switch to Windy for those. All I know is I’m not doing it until I’m closer… or at all. We’ll see.

So the end result is… 4 INT upgrades complete, 2k Allied Notes in the bank and one lilac and silver harness for my COR! And I can now sell my scorpion harness 🙂

Cobra Harness Front

Cobra Harness Front

My COR is 69 and I’m probably going to Campaign it to 70 as decent bullets seem rare and I’m fairly broke. It depends. If I’m pulling on COR I really don’t use many. I just refuse to gimp out really on cheap bullets.  Nia has acted as Bank of Kitty for me on a martial gun. He said he’d buy one for me for my birthday (we’ve known each other for years) but I didn’t feel right about that and was kicking myself for not buying it earlier when they were cheaper. So I’m paying for some and so is he as a compromise – but he nabbed one for me from the AH cos they don’t seem to come up more often. We’ve been talking about doing the ENM as a group but this way if it drops we can just sell and split. I don’t really feel right in swiping such an expensive drop for a job I won’t get to use as often as say WHM.

Cobra Harness Back

Cobra Harness Back

WAR is 30, so that’s probably next on the agenda. I won’t need it constantly for COR but once I’m 75 and can merit some marksmanship it’s supposed to be good.  I need to get /DNC done but I’m not very interested in DNC yet (it’s 11…) – it’s one of those things which almost certainly improves with more JA.

So yeah, Campaign… insane amounts of it done! At least I got a few nice drops along the way to help…

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2 Comments on “I think I overdosed…”

  1. August 29, 2009 at 17:03 #

    I’m fiercely loyal to Windy and stubbornly refuse to change my alliegance to San d’Oria for the level 68 Iron Ram set. I know it means I’m going to end up campaigning my life away, but there’s no way I’m leaving Windurst behind. The only time I ever left was to do rank missions and even then I switched back to Windy as soon as I could.


  2. August 29, 2009 at 17:49 #

    I stuck with Bastok too despite not having a single item from them for AN yet. But I did get the whole Cobra Harness set (minus the hat), Rose Strap, and Patronus Ring.

    They really need to make the AN sets storable.


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