So this ended up being about COR…

I haven’t had much time to keep my Blog up-to-date, real life is kinda hectic right now as my contract in my current role ends soon. It may get even more erratic as I may have to relocate shortly.

Things in shell have gotten busy, just as I was thinking we need to recruit. It’s nice to be honest. The shell is never dead even when peeps are busy in the real world but the summer months understandably pull people away.

Salvage is proving to be quite fun right now, for me at least. As expected quite a few people have fallen by the wayside but a core group is starting to establish itself. On Mondays we have more people than Wednesdays but we’re quite comfortable doing all sorts of things with six.

The more I play COR and play with CORs the more I want them around. Arubus came along on her then 72 COR for one of our Boss runs and it really helped. Mine is now 70, hopefully 71 tonight – I might get a chance to play it occasionally if Mac makes some of our runs.

At 70 COR I have started work on a decent melee build. Well ok, I’d already started but now I’m using my Joyeuse.

  • Optical Hat
    Cobra Unit Harness
    Swift Belt
    Amemet Mantle +1
    Chivalrous Chain
    Jaridah Bazubands or maybe War Gloves
    Corsair’s Bottes
    Shark Gun
    Steel Bullets
    Woodsman & Jaeger Rings

Right now I need to improve on my earrings, as I seem stuck with my Racc earrings which are rubbish for melee. So I guess Spike Earrings until I can equip my Suppa and Brutal. No, I can’t afford Triumph Earrings :p

Legs are proving to be troublesome for COR. I have dusk trousers but they’re not equippable yet. For melee tp I guess I’m currently looking at tabin hose, feral trousers or (if I can get them ) the relic pants at 71. I don’t yet have the points for the Cobra Unit Subligar or Pahluwan.  We don’t currently have any main lot COR in the shell, and the people who can use them have got them so far.  Dusk themselves  have a ton of attack on.

Feel like there’s not much STR and AGI in this set and it’s all focused on just hitting. Which I guess is ok until I can stick some merits in.  I have skadi pants as a priority in my Salvage list but it might be a while til I can complete them (if ever).

Enkidu’s aren’t currently on the horizon for me, as I’m working on Oracle gear for my mages, maybe in the future.

I’m dead chuffed to have a set of COR mats ready to upgrade what will probably be my Bottes first. STR and AGI +5,  RAcc and Acc +4 as well as some HP is really nice for a pair of shoes.

As for RAcc build, I have Blood Finger Gauntlets and Dusk Trousers ready to go.  I have a Martial Gun and Corsair’s gun ready to go. If I get any luck augmenting a weskit I might trade in my Royal Redingote and get a mirke body but we’ll see.

I can afford to go 8/8 Marksmanship along with sword. Which works out quite nicely for RDM and eventually PLD too. I don’t currently have any melee skill merits – whereas I’m crying out for mage ones.

I’m aiming for AF+1 Feet, Body and Head. I might switch to COR main lot in Dynamis eventually.  I’d quite like the SCH hat before I do and having got that far it probably makes sense to finish the set and store it.

Not being able to half arse jobs very well, doesn’t help my bank balance. I quite enjoyed RNG whilst levelling it for a sub, I just daren’t level another expensive job…

Current Slugshot high is around 820. It no doubt will get better. Now I’m meleeing for tp, I’m hoping to cut down on ammo costs and swipe the odd pouch of ammo from Campaign. I use cheap bullets to pull but it breaks my heart to see peeps WSing with level 22 bullets >.< so I refuse to.

Also looking forward to meriting Fold and Snake Eye as I seem to roll double sixes constantly…

Oh well, this was going to be a post about other stuff but it’s turned out all about COR. A really fun job, notable different from BRD (yarly) and whilst I love both, I think at the moment COR has the edge…

I think I have one more job in me before XI folds or peeps start moving to XIV… so if I can get /DNC and /WAR done – I will finally, level my PLD!



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