Don’t be a lazy WHM

I was somewhat irritated by comments on Allakazham today about Echo Drops. Unlike many peeps I don’t ‘lolalla’. Yes, there is an awful lot of rubbish on it (like any forum) but I used it a lot when getting started and it’s a reasonable place to ask basic questions about all sorts of things.

I’ve played WHM for a long time, along with SMN, BRD and BLM. SCH, RDM and COR are more recent. I’m an experienced mage but I’m always learning.

Stop a second and think about why you’re there at an event or in an xp or merit party. You’re a WHM – people want you to cure them.

OK, so you need to cure them –  why? To stop them dying. So the first thing that’s critically important is to be able to cast.

Something  goes wrong. People need raises. So… you need to be in a position to raise.

What am I getting at?

What stops you casting?  Petrification, Terror, Stun, Sleep and Silence… and death(if I’ve missed something, forgive me, these are examples).

  • Terror:   usually avoided by positioning or more to the point, not drawing hate
  • Petrification: usually avoided by positioning, not drawing hate or may be resisted with barspells (barstonra + barpetra ftw)
  • Sleep: can be avoided by positioning but not always. However if you know you are fighting mobs which can sleep(ga) then use sublimation or better still (because Sub fills up) poison potions. Even if you use stoneskin, you can still take poison and drop the stoneskin when sleepga hits so the poison does damage and wakes you up. Sublimation is good but if it happens to fill up just before you get slept or the timer isn’t up, you’re screwed.
  • Silence: can be avoided by positioning but again not always. However Square Enix thought about this situation and provided you with easily accessible, easily craftable CHEAP meds which remove silence.

So you’re at an event or in a party in the Mire for example and you’re silenced. Everyone in your party who can cast ninjitsu, songs or spells should carry echo drops but the one person who above all others should be carrying echo drops – is the WHM. Because if you can’t cast, you can’t do your job. Everyone else will look to you, Silena is a WHM (and SCH) spell.

Silena is a WHM (and SCH) spell

And if you know full well you’re going to be fighting bones/ghosts/beastmen casters, saplings, apkallu, mandies etc then consider poison potions. Because they all sleep. And you can’t cast anything when asleep. If you can’t cast anything, then you’re as much use as a chocolate teapot.

So, what else are you there for? Perhaps as insurance.  Something goes wrong – everyone dies. That’s ok though, Square Enix thought of this too – they provided the WHM (and SCH) spell Reraise.  Even in larger events where people routinely bring reraise pins etc there will always be situations where people die, get up and die again.  So a WHM has to do two things…

  • Ensure they always have reraise up
  • Ensure they only get up when it is safe to do so. This is as important as having reraise up in the first place.

Cos it doesn’t matter if the NIN spent out on a reraise pin, he can’t raise you. And trust me when everyone is down, the person everyone relies on to have reraise is the WHM. Same goes if you didn’t bring a WHM, instead a RDM/WHM or SCH or something.

The buck stops with YOU.

The most important lesson I learnt in Dynamis, several years ago now is that one person can make a difference.  I once raised 16 people from a corner.  There was some epic disaster and the other WHM got cut off, the BLMs and RDMs died a lot. When the chips were down and we wiped – the question you most want to say yes to is..

“Has anyone got Reraise up?”

OK this is a bit extreme but for example I’ve seen runs in Limbus end abruptly because the WHM and RDM died and didn’t have reraise up. Leaving the melee with reraise pins (which they PAY for) trying to battle on with no support.

I know things happen. I know sometimes there’s nothing you can do. But if you do everything in your power to keep reraise up and carry echo drops you will always be able to cast.

And at the end of the day, that’s what you’re there for.

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One Comment on “Don’t be a lazy WHM”

  1. Trebla
    September 10, 2009 at 10:35 #

    The dynamis example is not very extreme.
    My linkshell just had a close shave when the puller accidentally executed a pull that link the whole bottom level of Jeuno.

    When everyone is down and dead lying for the next 2mins, the leader finally pop the question,

    “No one had reraise on?”

    So i turned my camera to our only WHM in the run and was so much delighted to see him raised up (with cheers in the background)

    So yea. Don’t be a lazy Mage if you have access to both Reraise and Raise spell 🙂


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