‘Sh*t, my pet unsheeped!’ or why I love Firi

Last night I had some fun at a new camp for BLM xp.  Epoc, Aerynn, Bailie and I went to Beaucedine Glacier [S] and camped at the zone, nuking Gargouilles and the odd Imp. Decent xp, not as easy as puddings and probably best as a trio but it made getting my buffer over 20k infinitely more pleasant. Of course they’re strong to dark, so make sure you have a decent enfeebling set and bind to hand. Also I managed to reliably land Grav even on iceday in ice weather so I’m guessing they’re weak to it. I have very good MAcc and Enfeebling gear but I wasn’t the only one. Nice to spend some time with our newest members.

Once my buffer was restored to acceptable levels, I headed back to Bastok and changed to DNC. I’m not enormously enjoying DNC so far, but it’s getting more interesting and I finally hit 20 last night, giving me Steps and Flourishing Moves to worry about. Or at least I think that’s what the new icon is all about.

Nia came out with me on his SCH, with his WHM at 73 now he needed to finish his sub. He was doing ok in the jungle, dual boxing but getting frustrated by the occasional gobbie ambush.

We synched to 18. At some point in the proceedings, Firi logged in and onto Skype. We badgered him a bit and he came out to the dunes to mess around with us on his PUP. His PUP is 75 but he synched and Bishop did more damage than me who was essentially a fake PLD at 18. However it helped us get the job done.

At some point Firi decided to go get his BST (he’s getting fixated with pet jobs, sounds like Brach!). Which is fine except like a lot of people, Firi doesn’t know *that* much about BST. Still he (and we) were doing well and controlling the goblins we aggroed all over the damn place just fine!

Keep in mind at this point that Firi may have been drinking. Oh hell he was on his second pint of JD & Coke…

So I’m prancing around as level 19 DNC, Nia is synched from 35 SCH and hits 36 just before I’m about to hit 20. No idea what level Firi was originally, 20 something…

It’s all fairly manic with us charging around outside Selbina killing anything that moved and picking up the occasional FOV. Someone got aggro. As usual. So Firi takes it on with his sheep. (As you do).

I’m busy killing something else or something. All I remember was several mobs and a panic stricken Firi yelling ‘Shit! My pet is unsheeped!’ on Skype.  Which he promptly tried to correct but it didn’t work and I got the giggles. At which point Firi got the giggles.

So there’s Nia running away from a gob, Firi laughing so hard with a sheep beating on him, me trying to tell him to tame or recharm or something and trying to tank something else with tears of laughter streaming down my face and telling him to shut up cos I couldn’t breathe.

There followed a series of bad sheep jokes and abuse of phrases and expressions where the word sheep replaced the word charm. I swear I didn’t breathe properly for 10 mins.

Never again will I mischarm on Mitch’s BST. H’oh no. I will always missheep.

At the end of the silliness Nia had 36 SCH , Firi had changed back to PUP and got another merit and I left the dunes as 20 DNC!

❤ Firi.

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