Finally! New gear for COR…

About time I started hitting decent levels.. now am 72. Still don’t have a peacock charm so stop bitching about that. Considering heading to do the BC once I have enough seals to do 2-3 runs. Dinged 72 today in the same party as Nia got 74 WHM!

So now I can wear my augmented AGI+4, STR and VIT +2 ring, suppanomimi, dusk trousers, dusk gloves, my commodore gants and… my martial gun! The emerald earring is augmented with AGI+1 and RAcc +2.

COR Ranged TP at 72

COR Ranged TP at 72

That’s right, one whole level where the relic hands are useful. Mostly cos I’m sick of wearing Jaridah… I have Denali body and blood finger gauntlets to come. Working on Denali pants for Quick Draw but they won’t drop. Have a Corsair’s gun for 75 QD,  but need a peacemaker or something for pulling. Will have to eventually stump up for a Breeze Ring and need to work on a light gorget. Once I hit 75 will merit the crap out of marksmanship. Have a set of Limbus mats ready to go to upgrade my af feet once closer to 74 and have the Commodore feet for melee. If I see the -1’s again I’ll prolly upgrade, we’ve had a few. I’d like to see some relic but the af+1 frankly looks better for most things. Relic head and body look nice for macros and the belt is freaking godly.  I’m sure when that drops, all the closet COR (2-3 of us) will come out of the woodwork.

Eld at 72

Eld at 72

DNC is now 21, War is 32. By the time I have some marksmanship merits they should both be 37.  That will give me RNG, NIN, WHM, RDM, DNC and WAR subs. I have AGI heavy QD set with my Moldy – need to improve it but it’s solid. 295 Ice shot at the moment, that’s going to go up. Hoping once I get some merits/pcc etc I can stick some more RAtt into everything too – bfg will help a lot.

It’s a fun job 🙂



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One Comment on “Finally! New gear for COR…”

  1. Dyce
    September 21, 2009 at 08:18 #

    You look like a COR that knows what s/he’s doing! Congrats on 72 and the gear =D


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