Someone bribed Tzee this weekend

It always amazes me how many people disappear when you say you’re running Dynamis Windurst again. Seems no one likes the zone, even though for most peeps it’s not that hard. I could understand it if you were a sac puller or a BLM, but we’re always going into Windy with lower numbers.

Thankfully lower numbers these days are still pretty good and we don’t have problems clearing this zone. Usually though it isn’t that generous, this is half the problem. I don’t mind it personally but it can be a bit stressful on the front line.

You have to love carefully setting up parties only for your second thf and one of two brds to dc and not come back again…  We shuffled things around the BRD but we actually went with only one THF for the first time in months because no one thought to mention he didn’t make it back… for quite a while.

    Still, we did surprisingly well considering. Bit low on coins but shells are ridiculously high right now so it was fine. Uneac really is an excellent puller, he pulled the AH very well and sac’s without complaint, which is greatly appreciated, especially as the other person he usually sac’s with (Nuitari) still hasn’t had his account rolled back. Kudos to Epoc for stepping up when we needed a second saccer. A PLD with w legs is a useful thing to have.

    Eiden goes 6 for 6 on PUP Relic!

    Eiden goes 6 for 6 on PUP Relic!

    We go up the east side, do the MNK NM, then double back, do the BLM NM,  sac the SMN house and grab the SMN NM and the canal time, then come back, go across the bridge and go clockwise around the tree and grab the RDM NM. We then head back east, one island above the AH and kill the Boss there.  Depending on time, we then either farm back towards MH or around to Death House etc.

    For the first time ever, Windy really put out on the relic front. Usually we’re lucky to get 5 drops there, Saturday we saw 14… Lots of doubles and even some stuff we wanted! Nothing rotted; it was all hoovered up by someone! SCH dropped but I lost the lot to Kio who frankly hasn’t had much luck on SCH so I’m pleased for him. I want the shoes eventually but I have the good bits, I can wait.

    • SMN – Epoc
    • BST – Aerynn
    • BST – Aredin
    • PLD – Aredin
    • WAR – Arrnarren
    • WHM – Mactaig
    • SMN – Eiden
    • WAR – Rgtheone
    • BLU – Aerynn
    • THF – Rgtheone
    • THF – Amberdrake
    • PUP – Eiden – grats 6/6 Taru!
    • SCH – Kio
    • BLU – Kio

    Drops started early which always cheers people up. Was pleased to see Mac get WHM shoes. Silk is on a break and whilst he probably deserves them more than anyone, I know Mac will make good use of them. I think that puts Mac’s barspells up close to mine now – which is really useful and means I can occasionally nuke Wyrms for a change.

    We didn’t have much time left to get the Boss down but down he went. Tri got the win he needed and we got an extra 30 mins where the relic flowed like water.

    Einherjar went really well – even with 2 huge waves of mobs, including slimes in one. Unfortunately we timed out on the Frog boss at 8% which drove us all nuts. We were going well when he charmed > bindga > bindga in the last 2 mins and it messed us up.

    We had a long day in Sky. Too long if  I’m honest. We ended up cancelling Omega so we could do Josiey’s Byakko. We did Suzy > Kirin (Osode, no cuisses) > Byakko. We saw two double pants drops from Suzy and Byakko… almost to wave it in the face that Kirin still hasn’t dropped Cuisses for us and we’re losing the will to live.

    Byakko Drops

    Byakko Drops

    Nia dc’d during the second phase of Kirin. I ended up logging him in in case. It was good to see the Osode drop and for Doy to finally take it and keep it. He passed the last two on.

    Byakko didn’t put out kitty pants, but did drop double shura, which went to good homes. Hopefully we’ll see some more kitty pants at some point.

    Suzaku Drops

    Suzaku Drops

    So now we need some Suzaku’s and Seiryu’s to rebuild pop sets. We have a ton of Genbu and Byakko seals already.

    I ended up going with Brach’s static for Nyzul Isle.  The first run was pretty sloppy and accordingly we timed out. The second and third runs were great and we got two wins and no drops. So I have a tag for a Red v Blue tonight before Salvage and hopefully later this week can persuade some more peeps to come farm pants again.

    Was up way too late and suffering for it today.

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