65k xp later…

OK, so I’ve been pretty steadily xping on COR. Niamh, Martinius and I had formed a semi-static. We’d usually pick up BA, Ure and anyone else who wanted to come along. If the shell was quiet, we’d grab some random DD.  I kept looking for a BRD or bugging our other BRDs (I’m one) to come merit but it never quite worked out – until today.

I get home early – and I’m 1k into 74. I think to myself, ‘later I have an xp party with Mart but I have a few hours to burn’. So, I decide to seek. Then Mac mentions he’d like merits. So, I stop seeking and mention it in ls, and a couple of other people prick their ears up.

Ath says she needs xp on WHM, Mac has RDM or BLU, I’m on COR, BA brings WAR. So we pick up a couple of DDs (DRG and DRK) and we head on out to the lower bird camp. When we get there, we find Mac is on WHM as well as Ath. We do a couple of k xp like this and Ath decides she’ll change cos Mac really didn’t wanna do RDM and hasn’t rebuilt his BLU gear.

I warp back to Whitegate, to change to /RNG and start rubbing my hands with glee. I get to finally do a COR+BRD party. I think the DDs were getting a lil pissy but when we got going, they were so glad they stayed. We hit 29k per hour. Instead of the 2 parties I saw it taking to get me to 75… suddenly it was looming up on me.

The DRG has to leave, although you could tell he didn’t want to… Mart pops and Reccaa isn’t on for their assault static so he heads out. So now we’ve lost the DRG, but we’ve gained a 75 Black Belt MNK. The DRK finally heads off to Limbus and Rgtheone comes racing out of the blocks with SAM/RNG.

Denali Jacket!

Denali Jacket!

So we’re now a full shell party, with a couple of peeps hoping someone drops out. Not only did I ding 75, I got another 20k buffer and finished a merit before Ath finally had to go. H O L Y C R A P!

Quick Draw ftw!

Quick Draw ftw!

So now I’m a 75 COR, with my first merit in QD recast 😀 just to celebrate! And I get to use my Corsair’s gun for Quick Draw and my Denali Jacket! I can turn in my af boots for upgrade on Sunday and walk off with AF+1 which will see me getting shot of the Crimson for QD. COR AF +1 is pretty sick. Really need Denali PJ bottoms now!

And, it wasn’t even 8pm!


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One Comment on “65k xp later…”

  1. Ath
    September 28, 2009 at 03:49 #

    Yea that was Kick Ass!


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