Still no Bees. Yay pants!

Salvage is a mixed bag right now but it’s kinda fun. Having headaches sorting out groups. I want peeps to feel welcome to do it but from outta nowhere we’re getting a lot of peeps popping who weren’t interested and want in. Hopefully we can get everyone set up in a static-ish group and things will settle. I know Carp/Jos/Alu/Uneac have started farming on Sats.

Pretty much the group that’s been going with me since the beginning of this round of Salvage  is Doyler, Niamh, Erestor, Blooodyangel, Uremeki and Martinius. Then Kaz has joined pretty regularly on Mondays but can’t make Weds but that balances out Nia who can’t always make Mondays.  We have room for probably 1 more.

We went back to Bhaflau to /poke remnants again. Once again Gate Widow popped but no Skirmish Pephredo. We followed some advice and tried a theory but for one reason or another or the fact that it’s just random we didn’t see the NM Bee. So we’re skipping Gate Widow next Bhaf and trying the next Rampart after the bees.

Still, a lot of fun. Was hoping to see 35 Usu feet drop for Doy because that’s what he needs to complete them. No such luck but a ton of spiders popped and on the first one we got…

Elds Marduk 35 legs

Eld's Marduk 35 legs

So yes, I’m lucky as all hell.   My #5 piece (edit: 5th item on my 1-5 list) , 35. Cos ya know, Dekka doesn’t put out.  Well I look forward to him not putting out on Weds, cos we’re going back there to try him and BA’s legs NM.



So now my legs on BRD may match ere’s and I could take em around for SMN  skill too once complete.

The following is very silly. To cut a long story short, BA got a bit obsessive about my char’s bare legs in Salvage over a few weeks… to the point where pretty much he got told to STFU.  We’re trying to get Skirmish Pephredo to pop and the following takes place.

Salvage Leg Chat

Salvage Leg Chat

Uremeki humps his own leg for luck due to recent amendments in Seren’s harrassment clause.

I told Ure, I’d make him famous!



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2 Comments on “Still no Bees. Yay pants!”

  1. Firi
    October 6, 2009 at 16:09 #

    If you need a PUP for Dekka on Wednesday, I finish work at 8pm.


    • Firi
      October 7, 2009 at 21:11 #

      Just realised I meant Devilet. Oh well!


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