Having some time off, or too much game time!

The last week I’ve been trying to recover from the stress and general anarchy of the last few weeks. I’ve been sick and under the weather and soon I have to move a couple of hours east and I don’t have that much longer to do it. So I promised myself some time out this week. Which is what I’ve done from real life, and explains how I’ve done so much in game… 

This week Sore and Roga have been focusing on Salvage a lot. To keep things simple, I have my static Mon/Weds but if I’m free or they need me I’ve gone with them on other nights. I enjoy our static a lot, it’s always fun and we’re learning a lot together.  Sore and Roga have done a lot of Salvage together before they hopped back to Alexander. It’s interesting to see how they do things and pick up tips.

Still haven’t managed to pop a Skirmish Pephredo with either team. Not my fault but I do feel like our melee are kinda missing out right now and man are Usukane feet popular. We need 4 pairs at #1. Still, we’re killing that rampart and then if it doesn’t pop by around 50% we’ve decided to go on up. Last time we managed to kill a ton of the gears before they warped away on the 4th floor and had a go at the boss. We ran out of time and I think have decided just to kill the chariot on the floor below and focus on quick erases rather than nerfing Homing Missile. In time we’ll get faster I’m sure and be able to do more.

But it’s Eld week for Salvage drops. We saw an Usu head 35, pickup MNK in Sore’s group won that but no Skadi gloves. Xan’s trying to complete them and hasn’t ever see them drop in the various groups he’s been up there with.  This is the 3rd round of Salvage for me. There was the original ls runs which were ok but only once a week and then I joined another group with friends from what was Legion. We saw an Ares’ body 35 on our first ever attempt at the rat NM and some 25’s but nothing huge and it didn’t last long. So now we have a third group and I go with Sore etc when I have points/can/am needed.

So.. that leaves me with a full set of marduk 15’s , 2 skadi 15s (legs and feet) and 2 morrigan 15’s. Oh and 3 x 35s …

Yep, when the 25’s for the Morrigan’s Cuffs dropped, Sore knew I had the 35 and let me lot them exclusively as no one else had them commented. Which was a very kind thing to do 🙂 And makes me feel like a Salvage loot whore! I’m 2/3 on Cuffs and just need the 15. I’m 2/3 on Marduk Feet and need the 25 and 2/3 on Marduk legs and need the 25.  So whilst the cuffs are closest to complete, I’m not far from finishing three pieces… which is kinda nuts. Getting the Marduk feet 35 and the Morrigan’s cuffs 25 in the same week has been godly. Other peeps need stuff from the same mobs that I need so no doubt they will come 🙂

What else?

Unlocking a myth - COR

Unlocking a myth - COR

Well Blooodyangel (BA) helped me out in Kuftal Tunnel. I went out there on a whim as COR/DNC to start unlocking my Quicksilver for the Nyzul Isle WS. Partially cos I want it to be easier to unlock Detonator. So I started solo, meleeing for tp with SAM roll and aided by my now level 50 NPC. By the time BA popped I’d done 70 solo ws and needed another 180 points. He came out and we managed to speed it up a bit with a level 2 sc.  Not long after, the ws appeared in my list and it was all done!

Leaden Salute

Leaden Salute

I run Eld around in her QD gear as her ranged and melee tp sets involve dusk, I kinda like it for the autumn – looks comfy!

I’ve helped out on a few smaller NMs this week. Been trying to get a ring for Xan’s taru, got Roga and Sore Soboro’s and  Fade a swiftbelt

Fades Swift Belt

Fade's Swift Belt

And finally,  I’ve been slowly levelling WAR again.  It’s now 34 and so not far from being complete as a sub.  I got to hang out with Firi and Degilda (his housemate) and just chill for at least one level. It really helped.Was kinda pleased with this at 32 or 33 …



Although we’ve all seen Xan crit in a promy for something huge, I was pretty pleased with this one 🙂



I shall leave you with an excerpt of a much longer discussion but I think it sums it all up nicely…

OMG guys no wonder I can’t get you to focus on events if you can’t even focus on sex lol

LS Chat snippet
LS Chat snippet

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