SCNM, Morrigan’s, Dynamis and more!

I’m really happy today for lots of reasons, at least one of which was a great weekend online. I won’t be around as much this week as I have to jet off to foreign climes (ok Oxfordshire) and check out places to live but I still hope to make Salvage at least twice!

So what about the weekend? Well… it started saturday with a messy but productive Dynamis San D’Oria. We got the win for the newer guys and we walked away with lowish coins but reasonable relic drops. Still the coins sell so well right now that the run was a decent profit. We saw nine armour drops; our only complaint was that three of them were WHM. Still, there were peeps there who wanted everything so, good for all. I picked up some COR pants, as no one else lotted and they’re nice for melee tp. Better than running around in dusk, that’s for sure.

So, whilst the run was untidy, it was ok.  Next week for Halloween, we’re trying Qufim again.


After Dynamis, Mart surprised me utterly by setting up a Zhayolm run for my 15 for the Morrigan hands. I was feeling kinda self conscious about my luck with drops recently. We’re working on 35’s for everyone but I really have had better luck than others. It helps that hardly anyone has mage drops prioritised right now, although that will change once we see some Usukane.

At the end of the run, we walked out with my hands and a pair of ares something-or- others 15 and me absolutely over the moon, cos now I have the pieces to turn in for Morrigan’s Cuffs! Then I made the mistake of looking up how much it was going to be to upgrade em, having the figures for feet and legs in my head. I was expecting a few hundred k, not 1.2m.  So… one soulflayer staff, three discounted logs later, a donated piece of lumber and some hatchets and over the next day or so I amassed 6 Bloodwood lumber, another staff and another log.  Someone jacked the price of logs on the AH, so I refused to buy em. I’d rather wait for a bit… and get the logs myself over a few days. I would much rather face Hundredfaced than encourage price jacking. Especially when it would empty my bank.


Sunday, we headed out to Einherjar as usual. Wing II, the zone I missed them winning and we didn’t just win, we completely walked it. I don’t know why things went so well but it was nice to be all done, with 7 mins left on the clock.  I could probably dissect it but I think some of it comes down to being a great combo of mobs. No slimes for the first time in what feels like months. Soulflayer boss is so squishy too.  No abjuration drops (haven’t seen one yet) but some nice money drops, including a soulflayer staff…

Novas quickest Wing II win

Nova's quickest Wing II win


Next we moved onto a fight the shell had meant to do for ages but never gotten around to… the SCNM Bloodbathed Crown in La Valle [S]. The writeup on wiki is useless, I will probably edit it.

We had 4 tanks. That was one NIN and three PLD. We took in 2 BLM, one SMN, a RNG and a ton of melee. As well as 3 WHMs, 2 RDMs and a BRD.  We knew there would be 2 WAR, 2 RNG and one NM to handle.

We gave Doyler the 2 RNG to handle, with a support team of BRD and WHM. That way, he could keep shadows up forever against two ranged attackers. We had Kaz grab one WAR and hold it whilst the melee assisted BA on the other. The WARs and RNGs are fairly weak. Once the two WARs were down, we turned to the main NM, the PLD. Niamh (PLD), Alu (WHM) and Uneac (RDM) had been kiting him and keeping it out the way.

Bloodbathed Crown

Bloodbathed Crown

He is a royal pain in the butt, do NOT throw melee at him, his AoEs are shitty even with level V buffs.  In the end Mart and I as BLMs ended up being the major DDs on him with help from Kai’s SMN and Ebony chipping away. The melee who were SAM or /SAM just meditated and dumped TP. We started off with melee on him but it crippled them, just don’t go there.  So I’d just keep it simple and have any melee DD come SAM or /SAM . Might consider 1-2 /THF for TA on the PLDs cos the hate reset is bitchy. But it’s the AoE that causes the pain. We turned the fight right around and took out the Boss, he takes a while.  We were then left with two RNG which crumpled and suddenly we had won and earned ourselves a shiny new title 🙂

Go us!

Go us!

Was a real buzz about doing the fight, because it was something new. Shame the DD head didn’t drop – we saw the earring, which I won (matches the Murderer I have in store,  looks potentially good for Leaden Salute), the sword and some materials. After which some of us headed to Beadeaux [S] because I was 3/8 on the pop set for that SCNM too. We only had time for one NM before Limbus but we took out the DRK and so we are now 4/8. He dropped some crappy GSword.

Limbus was great, and now we’re 3/4 on an Omega pop as well as the Ultima pop we have ready to go. Didn’t wanna pop Ultima before Josiey and Carp got back as Carp is up for the body and we don’t do him that often.

I did some more running around and got another log and today bought a staff. Just now, Sore logged in and asked me how much lumber I had. At this point I had 6 lumber, 1 log and 1 staff. He promptly offered to desynth the staff and synth the log. Which he did successfully, netting me another 2 pieces. Except when he traded, he traded me 6… so I could complete. He’s lending me the last 4 lumber til I can get the logs together for him!

Turning in my cuffs

Turning in my cuffs

I scurried a lot. It’s been a few days of that. Been helping with various NMs to pimp out a lowbie taru and between trips to Zitah and the jungles I’ve gotten kinda dizzy! Still, back to Bastok to grab the 35 out of storage, back to WG with the 15 and 25. A short stop at the currency guy to leave me wih 4-5k IS and I suddenly I was staring at Ghanraam not knowing what to do. Xan talked me through it and now I’m waiting for JP midnight to go pick up my very own Morrigan’s Cuffs! I’m so excited lol…

Thankfully, all my other desired pieces are legs and feet. Which are pretty cheap for what they give you 🙂 Marduk Feet and Legs, Morrigan Legs and Skadi Legs are on my list. I’m 2/3 for both Marduk pieces, having the 35s, so they will come along eventually 🙂

Be prepared for a short post of Eld in Morrigan’s Cuffs and some brief swearing as I adjust all my RDM and BLM macros…

{Thank You } Guys, you rock!

Now make some Pephredo pop and Doyler (and others) can join the upgrade club 🙂 !

/Random image of the day. You’re doomed Xan, just face it… you had your chance and you blew it!

Xan loses another /random to me on yet another character...

Xan loses another /random to me on yet another character...


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