Unwritten Rules in Dynamis

What are the unwritten rules about Dynamis? Here are some of mine…

1) Never force people to bring jobs they hate. Ask nicely if you’re desperate but honestly if they hate it, they’ll be shit. At least if you only ask once in a blue moon, they know you’re trying not to land them in it and will usually change happily if it’s really needed. Oh and if you ask someone to change, make it a different person from last week…

2) Never placate whiners. Don’t let people who are moaning they didn’t get the drop in a lot have any sympathy unless they are the world’s crappest lotters and have missed out 55 times. I don’t mean be mean, but if your system is fair, their armour will drop. Whining should never = you letting them have their way

3) Never spam the same zone over and over. At least for us, who don’t upgrade. Allow people a chance to complete sets and see new shiny stuff. Hell even windy has its attractions. Remember sets are important to people

4) Make your rules system fair and make sure everyone can see their points/results. So it’s their fault if they didn’t realise that x has overtaken them and so they can bring up discrepancies with you. If they haven’t bothered to check it out, well it’s their own stupid – and they usually know it.

5)Treat your main pullers well. Seriously. You’re going nowhere without decent Thieves. Same goes for the guys on the frontline who die every week

6) Be careful about banter between the front and back lines, the frontline on the whole loses far more xp than the back, and peeps can get super pissy if the melee are ripping into the mages

7) Repeat important instructions 2-3 times in ls chat

8) Allow everyone a few minutes to pee after the boss

9) Don’t yell when half the shell leaves after the Boss one week, if they’ve had enough, they’ve had enough. Make do with the rest or end the run.

10) Try to suppress the urge to kill people. Yes, they should have silenced those scorpions… no that Astral flow should not have gotten off… yes that NIN shoulda pulled the BST before the pet… yes, that entire gate linked, no that big link should not have made its way back to the melee…Yah cs should have gone off before it did.

I’m pretty good with most of these except #10. Seriously, I could kill people some weeks, be glad they’re not in physical range >.>


Categories: drama, Online Life


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One Comment on “Unwritten Rules in Dynamis”

  1. November 6, 2009 at 16:11 #

    Nice list. Dynamis used to make me rage, but now it’s rare and only when someone does something completely noobish (like afk on autofollow and aggro stuff. D: )


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