Just another subjob…

Well that was unexpected…  Did a couple of ENMs (nada) and didn’t feel like hitting the sack. Ended up duoing with the Carebear of War aka Sugarbear in Yuhtunga Jungle as a 34 WAR with a 34 SAM.  I think I held up my end fairly respectably, although the Bear is a thug… I managed to pull off a few 400+ Sturmwinds. Xp seemed to fly in, Sugar was /DNC and I had Mitch pl us on RDM/WHM. Which just meant zero downtime. In fact between /DNC and the chests it was barely necessary.

Eld dings 37 WAR

Warrior sub complete!

I was starting to fall asleep when we realised both of us were less than 2k to 37! Probably the easiest and most laidback 34-37 I’ve done in my recent levelling of subs. Now I have no excuse, I have NIN, WAR, DNC and RDM ready for PLD. I have DNC and WAR set for my COR.

I have to say, my linkshell is full of perverts. Especially Uneac. Late night conversation is often ‘colourful’ – that’s why we’re 18+ but boy does his imagination run overtime… and he just loves to plant images in other people’s heads 🙂

Still, fun evening with no stress and a lot of laughter… just what the doctor ordered before a house move.


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