Einherjar Progress – /welcome Wing III

Sometimes, I am so damn proud of my shell. Today was definitely one of those times. Einherjar has been tough on us, taken us a long time to settle into a good working pattern. We’ve fought tooth and nail to find a decent setup and to get through Wing 1 and now Wing II.

Our latest win

I always said we needed BRDs and not so many BLMs, and I proved to be right. We’re lucky if we take 3 BLMs each run now.

The setup that works for us is, 4-5 parties with WHM, RDM, BRD and 3 melee. We have 2 RDM/DRK, try and have a DRG in each alliance and always have 2-3 BLM. We have one nominated tank for each alliance. We can now easily win Wing 2 with 28. Which is a long, long way from where we were. We often have 30 and people are getting excited.

We had slimes/hecteyes in the first wave, imps in the second and a squishy flayer Boss to make up for the Slimes 🙂

I know that Wing III is yet another step up and that no doubt we’ll go through some kind of learning curve again, with the Bosses but I’m hoping we’ll get there in the end. I would be pretty ecstatic if we made it through to Odin as as group. Going once a week means our progress is slow but I’m looking forward to learning about Wing III 🙂


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