Rage! Expansion scenarios and stupid questions!

I have had one hell of a week, and so today I completely crashed and avoided all removal stresses. I’m moving next week and starting a new job, all of which is cool but incredibly stressful. So this has meant, a lot of rushing around in the real world and even though I stayed up until crazy o’clock on Mon night, generally less game time. Certainly less game tolerance.

The Shantotto expansion has officially irritated the crap out of me so far… even though I was the one who started the thread on Blue Gart here (and attempted to keep it somewhat up to date). Eventually though, the frustrations I encountered, slowed my progress so much, everyone else ended up going ahead of me. Lots of people made the effort to say thank you for the work on the thread, which was really nice and much appreciated.

As I’ve encountered the next mission, I’ve filled in missing info where poss but it’s been slow.


Who in their right minds decided not only could the components (which you synth) break, but the final kit which you have no choice but to synth yourself, could break?  Ok, I get that the individual components might go boom, but was it necessary when you impose the synth on everyone, to make that go boom too?  Hours of fucking farming down the pan? {Good Job!}

And who in their right mind ever puts another freaking event inside Ordelle’s Caves? The zone with the most fucked up staircases in the game? You have no idea how much I fucking hate that zone… and how much of a pain the butt doing my RSE was… let alone claiming bats…

Oh yeah and when it gets to the point where someone is using a claim bot to grab crawlers, you have to walk away. This one at least is only short term, already the zones are a lot quieter because the initial frenzy has worn off.

But I head out to Norg, ready for my pankration instructions. Right, so you’re still not getting the hint SE, PEOPLE DON’T LIKE PANKRATION BECAUSE MOST OF THE TIME THERE’S NO FUCKING POINT TO IT! Yes, I was fond of my pet buffalo for a few weeks and I even got a comedy hat. But frankly when the ZNMs were introduced and I had to do it a lot, I lost the will to live. Just don’t!

So now, let’s progress to the NMs you need to farm in Ro’Maeve and Zitah…

Having mobs depop on me because as SMN I can’t kill them fast.. not much fun. Having to kill that fucking pot over and over and over until the bloody key item dropped whilst competing with hordes of rude JP players… no fun!

I met a fantastic JP MNK/DNC in Gustav who I duoed with… but in Ro’Maeve… woah were people getting way too serious.

So yea – I’m happy right now about the new expansion. OK, ok so some of this is ‘move rage’ but seriously, it’s been pretty shitty. If you’re not going to write a decent story, just let me buy the fucking pants.


I’ve also decided that there is some number which everyone subconsciously attributes to other people in the shell to do with asking questions.

It’s based on

  • How many questions do they ask?
  • How many of those questions would it take them 2 mins to wiki?
  • How many of those questions do they have even half a clue about?
  • How many times does the person asking, answer questions?
  • Are the questions sensible?
  • How many times has that question been asked and answered by other members of the shell, in front of the person now asking it (who was obviously not afk)?
  • Does the person asking the question ever get of their backside and work things out for themselves?
  • How many questions have been asked by everyone recently…

So when a question is asked, then everyone makes a choice as to whether a) to answer b) to answer sensibly c) to tell them to look it up  d) to ignore it cos the person asking is a lazy fucker or e) ignore them because they’re a lazy fucker

Not that you understand that people are idiots or anything.

Maybe I need Prozac until I’ve moved >.>


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