Battleclad Chariot

… down 🙂 Alas, no marduk feet 25s again but was nice to see Usu Head and Body for Ure and Mart. It was a gorgeous fight, 6-man, straight down with no death.  Next up I think is yet more freaking Bees, we saw another Bee at 60% on a Rampart on Mon and that was the only NM that popped. But of course, having seen one… we thought we’d best keep killing to 5%… so we wasted time there cos no other bloody pephredo popped.

Still, we headed up, skipped out most the gears and took out the Archaic Chariot to weaken Long-Bowed and got him down. So the static group almost all have 3/4 titles for the Bosses now. A couple of them may need ZR. Nia completed his Skadi feet ~ and this is him showing them off 🙂

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3 Comments on “Battleclad Chariot”

  1. November 19, 2009 at 02:29 #

    Any way I could beg the 6 man strat for that? We got owned with 8 ppl 😦


    • eldelphia
      November 19, 2009 at 12:09 #

      We actually found it easier with 6 than with 8 but assuming you have 8, the other 2 have to take care of themselves so stick a healer in but remember 8 = more cells. And HP cells are a necessity for all.

      Floor 1, farm what you need from each wing and no more. Port up from NE. Kill all lizards and MMJ. Dive into each wing for specific cells, as soon as you have those, port up.

      Head west on third floor, once second room is clear send someone east and north to tele whilst the rest farm until you have the stuff you need in the west/south path. At this point its usually HP. One run we had a flood of MP cells and few HP, other times its the other way around. Port up asap.

      If you have HP and aren’t crying out for any particular piece, skip this floor and port up. Refarm floor 4 by killing the wrong rampart if you haven’t gotten all you need from Floor 3. You can do 5f frog as well but we didn’t bother this time. Also make sure you have either a THF or a pair of powder boots/well buffed RDM to do the gear sac on 5f.

      Floor 5, skip. Send a saccer through to door. They can usually make it and die at door, even with Flee or /powder boots you’re unlikely to make it. Double Mambo, Blink, Stoneskin, Phalanx gives a RDM with boots the best chance tbh.

      Floor 6, head west to the alcove, have thf or someone else (was me as RDM as I was already weak) tag the chariot and pull like it’s a meripo. Gears can’t be slept, so just pull constantly. Use one 2 hr on this chariot if you’re low on time.

      We won with,

      BRD/WHM (no storm fife yet)

      Make sure BRD and WHM have JA unlocked so you have access to Light Arts, strategems and Benediction. Make sure BRD has JA unlocked for Soul Voice and Nightingale/Troub.
      Buff before going in, BRD uses SV (currently the guy who was playing BRD doesn’t yet have the second JA so he only got 3 double length SV songs on us, 2 on melee, one on mages). Only stick 2 melee on at the start. MNK used Penance (you have no idea how much I love this JA) and if you’ve picked one up (not always) a fanatics drink and just 2hrs the crap out of the Chariot. Then the WAR and SAM can use their 2 hr. Can have a THF or in this case SAM/THF stick hate on whoever you want, or remove hate from someone in too much trouble.

      It is possible for mages to stand out of range of diffusion and discharge but still be in range of Discoid. What we found worked best was the second discoid went off, we had the WHM, the RDM and the BRD all Curaga II. In fact, it turned out that cos of my gear even on RDM (WHM is my strongest job but we needed a RDM) we only need 2 x Curaga II and a Curaga (from the BRD) to keep everyone topped up. This is cos I’m WHM main usually and have Roundel, Selenian Cap with Cure potency and the sash with 3% cure potency in Salvage on. But even if I didn’t, 3 x Curaga II (done this as BRD too) works just fine. Remember to fresh the BRD if necessary.

      Once double length songs wear, BRD buffs melee and uses Pianissimo to buff mages. Make sure BRD has a macro equipping light staff/any relevant gear for curaga and it’s straightforward. The key to this is pretty much to stand still 🙂 and make sure your BRD never goes out of range.

      I’m sure you know most of this, does that help?


    • eldelphia
      December 14, 2009 at 10:37 #

      Zhayolm Remnants

      Target(s): Boss (Battleclad Chariot) (and possibly 5th floor Poroggo Madame)

      NEEDED: HP cells (to counteract Discoid), SJ cells, JA Cells (for Soul Voice, Benediction, /SCH JA and Melee 2 hrs) and a THF or 2 pairs of powder boots. If going for Poroggo Madame, three people completely cleared of Pathos.

      Floor 1 – this is where we spend the most time. Send someone to the NE tele before finishing farming so you are able to port up ASAP. If going for 5f Madame, assign 3 people to be unlocked. Once basic weapon cells and key cells for members are allocated, the priority on all cells should be the 3 people we will completely unlock. This will mean other group members may miss out some cells they usually have.

      The drops on this floor are not affected by Treasure Hunter. In each room of mobs, two will drop (the first two on Wide Scan) and two will not; once you have received drops from two of the mobs you can move on to the next room unless you want to clear the whole wing to pop a Poroggo Gent.

      * Puks (SE) Weapon
      * Ziz (NE) Magic
      * Raptor (NW) JA
      * Bugard (SW) SJ

      MMJ just drops an item chest

      Tele up from the North East

      Floor 2

      Only place to get armour before 5th floor

      Kill all the lizards, which pops the MMJ. Kill the MMJ (opens doors to other rooms). If needed for unlocking (for 5th floor frog) Ranged and Ring cells should NOT be used until we’re sure we have enough, they can be duplicated in the room you pop in if you’ve teled up from the NE.

      NE Room

      * Draco Lizard x8: 4/8 drop 2 Cirrocumulus Cell (Waist) with a chance to drop 2 Undulatus Cell (Ranged), 2 Virga Cell (Rings), and/or 1 Cumulus Cell; the other 4 drop nothing.
      o The Draco Lizards which drop cells are #1, #4, #6, and #7 on Widescan in this room.
      * Mamool Ja Savant (WHM): drops 2 Cirrocumulus Cell with a chance to drop, 2 Cumulus Cell, 2 Virga Cell, and/or 2 Undulatus Cell

      * Socket: Trade a cell to pop a Poroggo Madame which drops multiples of the traded cell. It is not necessary to kill anything to make the socket pop. You cannot duplicate more than one type of cell–the cell in the highest numbered trade box (using the Delivery Box numbering system) is the type of cell that will be taken to duplicate.

      SE Room

      * Draco Lizard x8: 4/8 drop 2 Radiatus Cell (Hands) with a chance to drop 1 Cumulus Cell (Body); the other 4 drop nothing.
      * Mamool Ja Zenist (NIN): Drops 2 Radiatus Cell, with a chance to drop 2 Cumulus Cell.

      NW Room

      * Wyvern x8: 4/8 drop 2 Castellanus Cell (Head/Neck) with a chance to drop 1 Cumulus Cell (Body); the other 4 drop nothing.
      * Mamool Ja Bounder (THF): drops 2 Castellanus Cell, with a chance to drop 2 Cumulus Cell.

      * Slot: Trade a Silver Sea Card to pop Jakko which drops Njord’s Jerkin. It is not necessary to kill any mobs to make the slot pop.

      SW Room

      * Wyvern x8: 4/8 drop 2 Stratus Cell (Legs/Feet) with a chance to drop 1 Cumulus Cell (Body); the other 4 drop nothing.
      * Mamool Ja Spearman (DRG): drops 2 Stratus Cell, with a chance to drop 2 Cumulus Cell.

      Floor 3

      Send one person east then north to the tele. Main group head west and south to farm MMJ for any needed cells. Do not spend too much time here. Aim for HP cells and the final cells to unlock 3 people if needed. You can waste a lot of time here.

      Each of the Mamool Ja in the first three rooms usually drop 3 of one type of stat cell, with a random chance at dropping an HP and/or MP cell or neither; however, some may drop no cells at all.

      Tele from North

      Floor 4

      Farm the MMJ, ignore the frogs.

      The day you enter the Salvage run determines which rampart you need to defeat in order to activate the teleport:

      * Defeat First Rampart if you entered on Firesday or Earthsday.
      * Defeat Second Rampart if you entered on Watersday or Windsday.
      * Defeat Third Rampart if you entered on Iceday or Lightningday.
      * Defeat Fourth Rampart if you entered on Lightsday or Darksday.

      You can reload this floor by defeating the WRONG chariot, and resetting the MMJ groups. They pop in two specific formations which allow you to target particular cells. Once you have farmed the cells you want (HP being key) then kill the appropriate Rampart and port up.

      # Setup 1:

      * Mamool Ja Savant: Humilus Cell/Pannus Cell
      * Mamool Ja Savant: Congestus Cell/Nimbus Cell
      * Mamool Ja Sophist: Mediocris Cell/Velum Cell
      * Mamool Ja Sophist: Fractus Cell/Pileus Cell
      * Mamool Ja Mimicker x2: Nothing.

      # Setup 2:

      * Mamool Ja Savant x2: Nothing.
      * Mamool Ja Sophist: Humilus Cell/Pannus Cell
      * Mamool Ja Sophist: Congestus Cell/Nimbus Cell
      * Mamool Ja Mimicker: Mediocris Cell/Velum Cell
      * Mamool Ja Mimicker: Fractus Cell/Pileus Cell

      When ready, have one person go to the tele in the small room in the east, and the rest of the group kill the RIGHT rampart. Once the rampart is down, port up ASAP. No need to kill reinforcements if quick.

      Floor 5

      If you have completely unlocked the pathos from 3 players, when you port up, the Poroggo Madame will be up. She is in the small south room in the centre of the map.

      Either way a considerable number of gears will be in your way (8 in first room west and a further 8 in the second room, along with approximately 12 in the large room in the west ). Buff your saccer with double mambo – it might be a better idea to send anyone BUT the THF if going for the Madame as you’d want TH on the Madame herself.

      Have the saccer flee round up the gears in the first room and head west, then south then west then south, into and through the large room and die at the door to the teleport.

      If not killing the Madame, someone else should follow to open the tele asap.

      If killing the Madame, the rest of the group follow the sac into the first room but head IMMEDIATELY SOUTH, taking you to the Madame’s room.

      Madame should have DoT on it at all times. Mages can stand out of range as charmed melee are fairly easily managed.

      As soon as the Madame is dead, have the saccer port you up.

      Floor 6

      Here you have to clear the main room to open the door to the porter. This can take some time. The mobs are not all up when you first port to this floor.

      Everyone but the THF head west into the small alcove, this will be your camp until some of the main room is cleared.

      You need to act on the Archaic chariot to pop the Archaic Gear(s). Have your thf pop the room using ranged if possible and die in the NW alcove if necessary. The can reraise and when possible, make their way back to the main group.

      10 x Archaic Gears (not sleepable)
      2 x Archair Gear (sleepable)
      Archaic Chariot

      Kill the gear as fast as possible, they’re fairly weak. Pull like it’s a meripo!

      If time is short, use one 2hr on the chariot to speed up the kill. It has a lot of HP.

      At 5% have someone run to porter ready to port up once the Chariot is down.

      Floor 7 – Boss – Battleclad Chariot

      The important move with this Boss is Discoid. This is an AoE move which works like 4.4k needles. I.e. the more people in range, the less damage it does to each individual.

      * Damage is lessened by Shell and Stoneskin.
      * AoE about 10.0 Distance centered around chariot’s current target.
      * Can be stunned.
      * Party members must be less than 10.0 Distance from the chariot’s current target to help disperse Discoid. Care should be taken to avoid being within 10.0 distance of the chariot, or other members will be hit with standard chariot AoE moves as well.
      * Discoid damage can also be mitigated by summoned avatars, called beasts, automatons, and dragoon wyverns.

      Mages can generally stand at 10 malms from the Chariot itself, get hit by Discoid and still avoid being bound or paralysed.
      BRDs should be careful never to run outside 10, buff melee as usual and then use Pianissimo to get songs on the mages.

      A group of 6 can take this Boss out with care, but it is suggested that every time you see Discoid about to happen, the BRD, RDM and WHM all cast Curaga II immediately. This will bring everyone’s health right back up and spread the hate.


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