Guess this is my week!

I’ve held off posting here because I wanted to get a pic of Doy in here first. However he and I can’t seem to occupy the same time at the moment. Hopefully I’ll catch him over the weekend because Skirmish Pephredo finally put out and Doyler completed his Usukane feet. A shiny pic of which I wanted to show you (and will once I get one). Ere also got lucky on a skadi head 35.

However, yesterday we went to Zhayolm and took out the Boss… who kindly put out…

Ea's Crackows x2

Ea's Crackows x2

Which led to this…

Crackows drop to Eld and Ere

Crackows drop to Eld and Ere

Then this…

Obtained! Marduk Crackows

Obtained! Marduk Crackows

And finally, this…

New Cure V set

New Cure V set

As soon as I can find a group for the final ASA fight, I should be sporting some ugly pants too. Still undecided about what to do with them.

Anyway, now is time to try and finish pieces for BA, Ure, Kaz and Xan as they’ve had worse luck than the rest of us. Marduk Legs, Morrigan’s Hands, Usu Head, Skadi Feet, Usu Feet and now Marduk Feet done. With a lot of 25s, a handful of 35s and a lot of 15s floating around.

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