Salvage update; group progress!

I haven’t had much time to write until recently so I have a random collection of stuff to chat about.

Salvage is going well. Last night Ere went 1/1 on Dekka. Sod’s law that really… I even said it would happen.  It took me 3 different Salvage groups  to try and get that 35 and Ere gets it first time he’s up for it. Still it’s a good thing; if we can ever get the Skadi hands 35 to drop we can abandon Dekka altogether. We’re going to have to for a while soon anyway, need several pairs of Morrigan’s slops. I’m still sitting on 2/3 for Marduk pants but they’re not critical. We need to do so much SSR I figure they’ll drop eventually. Not as if I get to play BRD or SMN that much these days.



We managed Hammerblow, Dekka, GG (Skadi) and the Boss last night. BA didn’t make the run so we didn’t bother with the second NM.  We lost the Skadi body 25 to someone operating the tele, but at least Mac got the 25 Morri hands. Not like most of us are in the position to upgrade a body anyway. I am 2/3 on the Marduk pieces, only needing the 25 but unless I get lucky in the Mog Bonanza it isn’t happening. To be honest, if I get enough to upgrade a body, it should be Morrigans anyway. Even though I think the Marduk is beautiful.

RDM Nuking in BR

RDM Nuking in Bhaflau Remnants

Keeping things balanced in Salvage is almost impossible. People subtly lobby for zones they want in many different ways. I want to keep the group happy but it’s simply not possible to please everyone all of the time. Right now I think peeps can agree that Ure should be a priority because his attendance is excellent but his luck on drops hasn’t been great. BA, Kaz, Xan, Nia, Firi and Doy have been kinda part time but BA especially has been to a ton of runs and not seen any 35s. Doy’s course finishes soon so he’ll be around more but Kaz is only around Mondays and Nia Wednesdays. BA and Xan have both had a lot of Uni work and exams recently and Firi kinda dropped out for a bit.

Firi and Ere

Firi and Ere Random chat during Salvage

All you can do is try and make the most of each run you do, and incorporate as many NMs as possible. Problem is we still need Bees… lots of Bees!

  • Skadi Feet: Niamh
  • Usu Head: Mart
  • Usu Feet: Doyler (still need at least 3)
  • Marduk Feet: Eldelphia, Erestor
  • Marduk legs: Erestor
  • Morrigan’s Hands: Eldelphia

I’m sure it’s the same with any Salvage group… a long list of peeps wanting Usu legs and feet, Morri hands and legs, Skadi legs/feet, Ares legs and random Marduk. If we had more gil, I think there would be a longer list for the bodies but we decided not to prioritise them unless you can afford to upgrade. People are welcome to lot them and work towards it but unless you have a good chunk of the gil, I’d rather use our time upgrading more legs/feet/hands/heads.

So Weds I think we’ll prioritise drops for Ure, so prolly more BR.  We probably need to break up the monotony of spamming SSR and BR with some Arrapago, leaving Mart and Ure to wrestle over the 35 Usu legs and giving a lot of peeps a shot at Skadi feet etc.  And Princess Stor wants a tiara so we need to go frog hunting sometime soon too. Which means more Zhayolm.

Doyler wearing his new shoes

Doyler's Usukane Feet

I have other stuff to write about but this is long enough already. More later!


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