As requested WHM gear update (skip if WHM Zzz’s you)

I’ve been asked about WHM gear again recently and had a couple of pleas to update on my WHM’s gear. So here goes. Sorry for all you WHM peeps who think WHM is /doze!




I’ve made some progress with my hMP set. I have genie gages again thanks to Reccaa who gave them to me when he quit.  We have pops for ZNMs which drop Oracles Gloves but every time they come up open lot, I fail at lotting so waiting for them to drop on one of my pops.  Haven’t gone for the hMP shield and rod; although I probably will eventually.

So hMP is pluto’s (+10), ariesian grip (+1), mirror tiara (+3) , yigit or af+1 body (+5), yigit pants (+2), cleric’s belt (+3),genie gages (+1) the hMP cape I can never remember (+1), goliard clogs (+3), relaxing earring (+2) and magnetic earring (+1), grandiose chain (+2) which is +34 per tic. I eat wizard cookies for an addition +7 per tic which gets me an additional +41 per tic on top of your normal hMP.

Upgrades to this, would be oracle’s gloves for an additional +1hMP; a +6 rather than 5 hMP body (so Oracles or Mahatma); a gnole torque for an additional 1hMP and star rings for another 1 hMP each.  I should go back to MMM, I had gotten some of the bits and pieces needed to pop the NM, don’t need many more marbles to buy the last.

So if your first tic of resting as a 75 WHM with Clear Mind IV gives you 24 MP back, then with my current gear I’m getting 65 MP back on my first tic. For every additional tic, you get an additional +2 so 65, 67, 69 etc.

Currently the max looks like it’s +46? Correct me if I’m  wrong.

Cure V

Two major changes to my Cure V set since last time.  I finally saw a Cleric’s Belt drop for the first time and it is mine all mine! Was worth all that dynamis after all! My Selenian has -ENM as well as MND and Cure potency. A choice I’m appreciating all the more with the arrival of my new belt.

WHM Cure V Set

WHM Cure V Set

I was also fortunate to complete a pair of Marduk Crackows!  My Cure V (without Korin Obi) now cures for 906. However, I’m in two minds about not wearing Cure Clogs for Cure V. Obviously ePeen cures demand +10MND but I do miss the casting speed, even with Light Arts and Cure Cast merits. I don’t know why I miss my clogs now especially as I was wearing Blessed +1 before. I’ve just  never felt comfortable without them. In non stressful situations, Marduk win hands down but for some fights I might stick to clogs.

I’ve decided I’d rather go for Blessed +1 hands than AF+1. I have a full set of mats to upgrade the hands and no doubt I will some day but it’s another invent slot for one spell and I’m a haste junky.  Already lost some haste from replacing my feet for this spell. I don’t use Spellcast.


WHM Enfeebling Set

WHM Enfeebling Set

The inclusion of Marduk Feet and Cleric’s belt here has boosted my MND through the roof. I pulled out my nashira pants for this setup, although with this much MND from elsewhere I could probably afford to reintroduce them. The MAcc from Goliard Clogs is surpassed with +5 enf skill on the shiny new shoes. The set now includes an enfeebling earring (thanks Reccaa!) which I was steeling myself up to invest in at some point but had avoided for a while.

I have the -1 to upgrade the hands, but until the legs drop in Tav, I’m not losing my ability to store my relic!


WHM Haste Set

WHM Haste Set

I think my Haste gear pretty much remains unchanged.  Until I invest in or craft some HQ Blessed hands/legs it’s not going to improve. Not likely to see a Velocious  or speed belt and tbh, if I saw a speed belt it would be sold for pimping out my mages.  I use this set for Haste, Erase, Regen and ~na’s.


I’m pretty proud of my Barspell set. I know to max them out I need full Enhancing merits and I simply can’t afford those but right now my barspell sits at 127.  As we’re headed to Tav I’m hoping for the -1 legs to upgrade and that will pretty much cap me out for now. I’ll hit a max of 129 out of 131. I have the -1 to upgrade the relic feet but they don’t give you additional skill. I’ll so it at some point.

WHM Barspell Set

WHM Barspell Set


This set is used for Devotion and Martyr. It’s not always possible to carry all this crap with me but the best set I can muster is…



This gives me over 1200HP which is a useful 300 MP back to someone. Usually though I can’t carry it all, so I’d say I usually around 292, 297 ish.


Nothing very exciting to say about Regen.  Use of Cleric’s body and some haste gear basically.

WHM Regen Set

WHM Regen Set


Quick look at my Repose Set… I realised I took this screenie without my Goliard Cuffs in my invent. Usually I don’t wear Cleric’s Mitts for Repose as it’s based on Divine Skill. I could do some work on this set and invest in a Divine Torque and Earring but my invent won’t take it and so far, I’ve never needed it. Would rather use pieces of gear I have for other jobs and my AF+1

WHM Repose Set

WHM Repose Set

Basic Standing set

WHM Standing Set

WHM Standing Set

This should probably be more defensive gear if I’m honest. Otherwise this is just a solid all round set with the extra MP from a Dryad’s Staff and Staff Strap.

Other Cures

As for Curagas, Cure III and Cure IV they’re pretty much my standing set with my Aristocrat’s Coat and Cure Clogs replacing the Cleric’s Briault and Marduk Crackows… I use a Dryad’s staff and Staff strap for this set.

My only real gear priorities now are things like Blessed +1, improving that hMP set and dream items like gaiters. I’m still in two minds. A White Tathlum isn’t really worth 3m to me but I guess eventually I’ll do it if gil permits. More likely I’ll throw that gil into BLM.

I’m still undecided about the ASA pants.  I have the final fight to do, Cure potency and Movement speed seem such a hybrid mess.

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4 Comments on “As requested WHM gear update (skip if WHM Zzz’s you)”

  1. Camaroz
    December 3, 2010 at 01:34 #

    What do you think of using the Reign Grip for cures?


  2. Camaroz
    December 3, 2010 at 18:56 #

    yeah i saw that, but no real equipment is mentioned


    • eldelphia
      December 4, 2010 at 02:49 #

      Oh I’m confused. There are images there of every set I use. I use the Reign grip for Stoneskin, Enfeebliing and Cure V & VI 🙂 Sorry if it wasn’t obvious.


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