I’ve been working on Synergy a bit. I managed to unlock the quest and pick up my Portafurnace. I need to sit down and craft some Fewell then I’ll try and get my apron done. But I’ve realised I have a more serious problem and that is my Goldsmithing subjob for Cloth. Because I’m 99.2+3 Cloth and 60 Leather a lot of people are asking me about the new set synths. Which I can’t make yet and so, I’ve finally restarted Gold. I’ve mapped out a path to 50 at least and it’s not too bad. From 50 on it looks bad, but that’s pretty much the same for all crafts. Hell, my Smithing is only 53 (raised it another point the other day).

I’m on the Mythril Ingot phase. Start with beastcoins, move to Ores when I can and if needed, end with nuggets. Then spam gold dust til 47 and turn it into Vellum with my leather. Selling things off slowly but shouldn’t lose much at all. Least til Gold and that gets me to around 50 before I need to really look closely at newer synths.

50-60 just looks rough.

I’m sitting on a ton of platinum silk, silver chains and even some of the leather I need for Argent Coats. Every now and then I need to go buy a galateia and synth another for a chance at a Cloth skillup. Except now I’m spending my gil on goldsmithing.

Maybe it’s my turn to win the Mog Bonanza. Night guys.


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