Changing season

I haven’t written for a while because real life has been hard work and because I am trying to confront several issues with FFXI at once .

I’m trying to figure out how much room I have for FFXI right now in general as well as for certain events. I still enjoy playing but currently I am not enjoying it as much as I have. I’m finding some aspects of the game a burden and am beginning to wish at times I had never taken on the role of linkshell leader. After five years you’d probably be right in thinking this is a little late.

The people of Serendipity are on the whole awesome. However as many of you know running things is hard work and after a while my ability to cope with the idiosyncracies of members just crumbles. Right now I am at one of those points.

I know that my recent real life relocation and new job are putting new pressures on me.  The weather over here in the UK has been particularly shitty and the traffic in my new area is beyond awful. So 90mins of travel in a car to move 15miles is killing me. It’s not usually this bad but so far I’ve not seen ‘good’. Shouldn’t take me the 45 mins it usually does to drive 12-15 miles but ho hum.

What it does mean is that my whole routine is changing and I am pretty tired. I have less tolerance for the endless BS that goes around in game. As some may point out, I didn’t have much in the first place.


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