Mixed up evening and new pants

Last night I spent a lot of time talking to people. Especial thanks to Athenaa, Xan and Mactaig for helping me think some things through.  I’ve realised quite a few things over the last week or so:

  • I still enjoy playing FFXI but I want to do less
  • I cannot continue to be as involved in FFXI as I have been
  • My personal event schedule is too much for me and probably other people
  • The events I find easiest to handle are Nova’s because the rule system is fixed
  • People are less and less interested in FFXI the closer it gets to FFXIV launching
  • I am incredibly stressed and have zero tolerance right now for any kind of BS
  • I’ve invested too much into the people I care about online

So what do I do about it? Well that’s currently up for discussion. Do I step down as leader? Do I back off from some events? Do we drop some events? Do I take a break?  Do we rearrange our schedule and even should I quit?

I still really enjoy playing parts of this game and when I can dip in and out of it, I find it a lot of fun. So part of me is hesitant to just ditch it. I have no concrete plans to jump to XIV and even if I do, it won’t be in the same way. I cannot afford the time commitment. I have no intention of leading another group ever at this point.  Answers on a postcard pls…

I did manage to get something done last night which has been bugging me and that’s to finally complete ‘A Shantotto Ascension’. I only started it the day it was released…

Eiden offered to help after I’d helped him, Pam and Aru try and complete the Moogle final fight. Tilk (Nova member) was standing around doing nothing so I asked if he was free to help and he was. Kaibelf was afk but I poked him. That left me and Mac. So we took 4 SMN, a RDM and Nia as a bored PLD and went to the Den of Rancor.

This fight is ridiculously easy if you have SMN. No need for Astral Flow… Ideally have someone kite the WHM Shantotto away and send in 4 Garuda to Predator Claws the BLM into oblivion. Stay well back, only run in to assault and BP. She crumples. You can then turn to the WHM and even if you wiped, it’s infinitely easier.

Random Shantotto

Giant Shantotto - Godzilla Style!

We got the WHM down to 13% before wiping and so needing to reraise and recover. The only reason we didn’t win this without a wipe is because we had to hold the WHM mob until Eiden and Mactaig got back from a DC midfight and it took them a while. Otherwise I have no doubt we would have beaten this fight in about 10mins.

{Too Weak}

Ugly Pants

Mac and I display our new trousers

Still, now I have some ugly hybrid pants and move around the world 8% faster on all of my jobs except COR. Not bad. Cure Potency +5% and Movement Speed +8%. Should be fun testing them out.

Mac and I match!

Mac and I sadly displaying the same gear choices for all 3 pieces

That’s if I haven’t driven myself and everyone else around me nuts and quit the game by the end of the week! Or something.


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One Comment on “Mixed up evening and new pants”

  1. January 13, 2010 at 17:21 #

    Heya Eldelphia!

    Let me say it’d be a sad day to see you go as you’re one of the leaders I strongly look up to and enjoy hearing from :D. Our old ls did this when people started having real life in the way. They specified leaders for certain events and promoted new ones for others. I dont know if your points systems are all shared but it they’re not thats an option. I’d suggest picking the event/events that you can make that you -enjoy- (being the key there) and showing up to run that and do the event so long as your co-officers dont mind picking up the slack in other places. I’m sure they’d say the same as me, it’s better to have you in game and around than not have you at all :D. Also just being the first to say f%$# FFXIV in its f%$#@%## @#$. I’ve put too much time into ffxi no flashy graphics are gonna convince me to do the same again in another game :/. Hopefully life gets less hectic and you can get back to enjoying ffxi :D.



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