Clothcraft, Goldsmithing & Synergy

No idea if I’ve won on the Mog Bonanza yet, as I have to leave the house for work just before the numbers were released. If the last couple of years are anything to go by I may win 1-4 Rank 4 prizes and a handful of rank 5s.  These days I tend to ask the Moogle to generate a random number then I make up a series around it. Some mules I just go for completely random because I can’t be bothered.

I’m not expecting to win anything significant, but it would be nice if I did. Especially as I’m crafting a lot at the moment.  Last night I dinged 50 in Goldsmithing. So I’m nearly there in terms of being able to make an Ebon frock. This was actually the thing that gave me the kick in the behind to finish off another important sub for Clothcraft.  I’ll probably get it to 55 at least, then do the rest slowly. I want to go back to trying the odd synth to finish up to 100 before XIV steals people.

Still can’t get the right Aptant to drop, but haven’t been trying *that* hard. Once I have the frock, no doubt I’ll be harassing people to help me kill bunnies or whatever the overcamped mob in Fei Yin is… Last time I went up there it was like an HNM camp, but that wasn’t long after the release of Synergy. Speaking of which, I should really cap that out.  It’s fun to have a project to work on and creating  an Ebur something is it.

Looking at the gear, I think it depends on whether  SE releases some more evolith as to whether the gear will be worth it in the longer term.  There are a couple of pieces which peeps may find easier than doing assaults to get  butit’s all a bit situational. You can make a great BRD pulling set for birds etc. I could make the Ebur Coat (I have the pigment from Oupire) for BLM and SCH but it’s a bit of a downgrade really. I don’t yet own a Genie Weskit, but I do own a Redingote and I can nuke on RDM, BLM and SCH in it, with extra MP and  4 MAcc.  Suspect I just want something pretty >.>

May have to make a hat from the BLM/SCH set just because it looks awesome… suspect this is all a ruse to get us comfortable with the way FFXIV gear looks.

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