Awesome Dynamis Valkurm run for Nova

We had about the best Dynamis-Valkurm that we could hope for. Not many people can say that these days. In fact it seems that hardly anyone seems to be doing Dreamlands dynamis these days, except for the occasional Tav. People seem to either have Tav and just do that or not touch CoP.

I think it’s one of the reasons I like our shell so much, we do things as a group, for the group. With no pressure to upgrade, all we have to do is make sure we get access for newer members, rotate zones often and do enough to keep the limited bank solvent.

Lots of Valk drops

Lots of Valk Drops

We were planning on going to Xarc but  about an hour before we were due to enter and as we were gathering, a group of ten entered. So we had to move. We need another Glacier win but Tilk wasn’t on as he thought we were doing Xarc… and the zone was occupied so we looked further afield.  Couldn’t face another Sandy and we had enough peeps to have a reasonable shot at Valk.

One of the loot pools

Some of the loot from Valkurm

I don’t know what it was but on Saturday the group was on form and working so well together. All 3 flies were found, pulled and killed with no aggro and no death.  BLMs nuked theirs down, 2 were found and brought to the main alliance and taken out with no drama.

Everyone moved quickly to the next camp near the tunnel. We cleared out the stats and Quads and Xan managed an almost clean pull of the Goobbue. We had 3 cactuar to deal with but they were nothing and crumbled.

Suddenly we were heading for the Boss.  I prewarned peeps who might need to change in case we screwed up our first attempt, gave out some icarus wings and had the BRDs Soul Voice.  Kaz even pre-empted the ‘GO!’ but Bergi saw him and hit CS immediately.  Josiey came in 20s later, died but Silk saw her go down and took over.  Not that we really needed it because CC was suddenly just a puddle on the floor and we were pwning Nightmare Morbol face.  The big difference was moar BRD and less EBB!

Another Valkurm Win

Another Valkurm Win

Once the other Morbol were down, we had a few mins and set out with 65 mins on the clock to farm like you’d never farmed before. We saw 14 drops including 3 accessories which were COR belt, BLU cape and PLD cape. We didn’t intend to hit many Beastmen, but had to clear out the stuff near Selb and I have some incredible pool pics to put up in this post once I get home. It just rained relic. We even saw two pairs of Cleric’s feet, which considering the demand for them was a godsend. Lot of peeps waiting on other pieces to drop have been hoping for relic WHM feet, so they get lotted like crazy.

Mac and Epic in BLU relic

Mac and Epic in BLU relic

I didn’t intend to lot on the COR belt, felt Muri deserved it as he comes COR a lot. Epic beat him so I decided I may as well try, but my lot was pretty weak. Was really happy to see Mac walk off with the BLU cape, I know he hasn’t been able to gear his BLU as well as his RDM and WHM and it’s an amazing piece.  The last piece that dropped was Giannah’s back. That was very well deserved and I’m glad she got it. Even if I initially messed up.

There are people in my shell who have waited 4 years for that win. Not with us I hasten to add! Some missed our first win and the last 2 times, we messed up the Boss kill. Almost everyone in the shell has access to Tav now and those who don’t,  have the Valk win. Bubu is a walk in the park and Qufim is pretty straightforward as long as you get the Boss pull right.

Looking forward to a night of Double Tav sometime soon. Two runs, one after the other. Go Nova!

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One Comment on “Awesome Dynamis Valkurm run for Nova”

  1. Ath
    February 8, 2010 at 15:28 #

    Can’t wait to do tav! Only dyna I’ve never been in =( !!!


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