Paladin 32. Serious Business.

Yarly. OK, I like this job but this is my slow time, fun time job. I won’t have time to gear it as well as my other jobs but I am preparing a lot of stuff up front.  I already own a Mermaid’s Ring, IR Lance, Macha… whateverthehell it is +1 (cricket bat) and a jelly ring. Planning on a parade gorget  soon and have the gothic gauntlet from Xarc. They dropped from the third brown chest I opened but the feet won’t drop for love nor money. I’ve also started doing campaign a lil more regularly because I know I’m going to need 250k worth of Allied Notes for IR gear.

I have NIN, WAR, RDM and even DRK available as subs.

1k to 33. Serious Business >.>



Categories: levelling


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One Comment on “Paladin 32. Serious Business.”

  1. February 4, 2010 at 16:03 #

    Fun job, I really enjoy it 🙂 It gets a bit dicy after you’ve been in Ahty for a few levels though…very frustrating to not be able to keep hate for anything :< Super fun though 🙂


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