A taste of Cerberus Muzzling


A group of us from the linkshell, had a lot of fun last night. Firstly 9 of us did Salvage and we did a SSR run. We’d done another BR run over the weekend and once again didn’t see any NMs /sigh. Last night we killed Hammerblow (no drop), Dekka (no drop), GG (no drop) and LAC (dorp!). We were hoping for 35 head for Ure to complete his Usu, Dekka feet could have gone to anyone interested but he rarely drops so I wasn’t expecting much. Would have been nice to see GG drop freaking Skadi Hands 35, Xan is going slightly nuts about these because he’s been trying forever to finish them… We got to the top, killed LAC and the 25 for the Marduk legs and Morri hands dropped. Which means I got to trade in the 3 pieces for the Marduk legs last night. Aunshi walked out with the 25 Morri hands – grats Taru!

That run included Martinius (cat-herder extraordinaire), Kaz, Ulile, Bergi, Aunshi, Xan, Neph and me. So pretty much, a lot of the newer guys and the remaining parts of the static excluding Nia. He’s still in NA and won’t be back until the end of the week. 9 people was too many really, but was a lot of fun. I was pretty damn happy about completing my piece but the lack of melee drops is getting ludicrous. We’ve done more BR runs than anything else but only completed one pair of Usu feet for Doyler, before he quit.

Maybe our AR run later will put out something for someone?

So after Salvage, Bergi, Aunshi, Xan and I popped my Dea. As usual whilst my luck in Salvage is good, my luck in ZNM fights is appalling so no shoes dropped. 2 grips and a polearm no one really wanted. Xan lotted it.


Our big news this week though is that we killed an HNM! It started with Xan mentioning whilst he mined on Mt Zhayolm that Cerberus was up. 2-3 hours later, he mentioned Cerb was STILL up. A few of us started thinking… Decided we’d like to just go poke it and see how long we’d last. I’ve almost helped a group kill it, they wiped at 1% that time (though later killed it lots) but we had never tried anything quite like it in Seren.

So I said, I’d go if we had two PLD. Kaz said he was in, Exe piped up. Exe doesn’t have enough confidence in his PLD but he always does a good job when he brings it. So we had 2 PLD. I knew we needed stunners and it didn’t look like we had enough people. So, I said I’d go BLM, then suddenly Aunshi said he could come after his Nyzul Isle run so I wasn’t needed on BLM, but possibly on BRD/BLM. Then Dru pipes up that he was back. Ath had already said she was in, along with Bergi. Xan is always up for a fight. So now we’re looking at PLD, PLD, WHM, WHM, RDM/DRK, BRD/BLM, BLM, SAM. Suddenly it doesn’t look so stupid. Neph pipes up he’s in and Axy is persuaded to come along as RDM/DRK. So we then had parties like this…

  • Kazgoroth – PLD/NIN
  • Execrate – PLD/NIN
  • Eldelphia – WHM/SCH
  • Bergi – RDM/DRK
  • Druwillo – BRD/BLM


  • Athenaa – WHM/SCH
  • Neph – COR/WHM
  • Axyke – RDM/DRK
  • Aunshi – BLM/WHM
  • Xan – SAM/THF

So now it doesn’t seem so stupid to try. I knew we’d be ok holding it and could survive ok because not a lot happens until 25% but I wasn’t sure how well we’d DD against it and whether we had a hope of surviving the last 25% with GoH spam.

At first, cos Xan Dc’d on the way to camp, we barely scratched the surface. But once he joined in, slowly, with DoTs and his damage, the HP bar crept down. By 60% we were comfortable enough that we would get him to 25% but I still had no idea how bad GoH was with our setup.

Every 10% or so, I’d take a screenshot in case we messed up or something went wrong but it just didn’t and suddenly we were at 30%…

25% looms and the three stunners know now it’s down to them. He used GoH quite a lot but there was only point at which we felt the tanks were even halfway threatened and I bene’d only because both GoH and Ululation landed close together and it was faster. With Fire Carol and merited/buffed barspells and Shellra V, GoH didn’t come close to wiping anyone out. Bergi, Aunshi and Axyke did very well in keeping GoH under control.

Cerb at low percentage

Killing Cerberus

We’re whittling him down and it becomes more and more apparent that whilst the last 25% is harder, as long as you don’t panic, and you have at least 1-2 people who can read a log, you can keep GoH under control. Credit to Bergi, he hit more stuns than anyone else but the entire group worked really hard and really well.

Suddenly Cerb is at 1%. 1%… we couldn’t believe it. He falls over and everyone is kinda stunned. We had calmly and quietly taken him down steadily with not a single death and with most of the group never having even seen him before, let along tried to kill.

Cerberus Loot Pool

Cerberus Loot Pool

The teamwork was incredible and the buzz was even better. The peeps who were watching were amazed we’d never taken him before. A friend was sending me tells throughout the whole thing supporting us and cheering us on. 10 peeps from Seren kicked that puppy’s butt. Something I think that none of us really realised we could do.

Now I really want to go and try something else LOL… maybe we will go poke Jormy after all. Think a Baha v2 attempt is up soon too!

I doubt we’ll camp regularly, but I know I wouldn’t mind doing that again from time to time 🙂


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  1. mactaig
    February 15, 2010 at 09:43 #

    And too think i left early for some bedroom action /sigh


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