Nomad Bonanza and FFXI

Well if you ever felt that FFXI was struggling I think this announcement really brings it home. They are dangling just enough shinies in front of people to keep them playing XI until XIV is ready. More to the point, they’re really pushing security tokens and Square Enix accounts.  Anyway if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go check out the new site for the Vanafest 2010 at the end of the month in Japan.

Essentially they’re running another Mog Bonanza but this time it’s dependent on your Square Enix account. So all those people who haven’t yet created one are being enticed to do so now. I have a feeling SE will offer further benefits and incentives if you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some kind of deal or FFXIV-related carrot offered in the future.

The big news is that the Nomad Bonanza offers you the chance to win a completed Relic or Mythic Weapon. That’s right, anything up to 180m worth of shiny, right there in your inbox. Chances of these being many, are pretty small but hell, I have a Square Enix account and I would love a Yagrush. Not that at this point in the game, there will be as much use for it – but they’re still damn rare.

The Rank 2 and 3 prizes are pretty nice too, with Defending Ring being dropped to Rank 2. You can get your hands on all the Odin-only drops now as well as the obligatory Shadow Lord and Salvage Pieces. It’s interesting that they keep offering Salvage bodies – I know my second choice will be a Morrigans because whilst I can see myself getting the components, 15-20m is another world away for me right now.  Maybe after this current Sara pop , I’ll build up enough Zenis to get another together. Oh and V belt /Black Belt etc are still in there. Check it out here for more details

They really do need to bring out something big if they want to sustain interest. I can’t see XIV being ready yet, but maybe we’re wrong. I’m hoping they’re releasing  a new expansion, rather than more expansion scenarios but it’s probably something like the Walk of Echoes event.

It also means they’re stretching out the time to the next version update…

I’ve noticed that after the Mog bonanza, the server has been quieter. Friends in other shells have noticed the same thing too. I was asked by one taru I know whether our shell was as quiet as theirs. Not quite but we’ve noticed it too. Right now, it’s easier to quit XI than it has been in a long time. Some held on for the Bonanza and then disappeared. Others pop back but don’t stay. I’m still having fun but I’ve noticed that people are either rushing around trying to do things they have never done before or just really don’t care as much.

So if there isn’t a big announcement in the way that players (and not SE) consider big, then I foresee the numbers plummeting again soon.  Almost time for server mergers methinks.

Whilst I have loved my time in Vanadiel and will no doubt miss it fondly, I can’t say that it’s ending will be the end of my world.  If you want it, XIV beckons – otherwise it might be time to  hang up the Selenian Cap and move on with life.


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One Comment on “Nomad Bonanza and FFXI”

  1. February 16, 2010 at 02:46 #

    I’m definitely losing interest in the game as well. It was fun while it lasted, but it’s getting to be time to move on.


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