Fun camp, PLD and MOAR! Bonanza


Well here we have it,

Character Name: Eldelphia
World: Alexander

Selected Prizes:
Rank 1: Yagrush
Rank 2: Morrigan’s Robe
Rank 3: Seveneyes
* Rank 4 and rank 5 prizes will be announced at VanaFest 2010.
Prizes will be automatically delivered to all Nomad Mog Bonanza winners.

So,  should I win (/chortle) I get to own an interesting weapon, or get a freebie Morri robe or a useless club I’m unlikely to see any other way. I did consider Homam, for my upcoming PLD but I figure that I’ll prolly never get to fight Khim so better to go for that. We might I suppose but it’s likely to be an irregular thing at best.


Well finally a break! I refuse to level synch to 22 and so therefore I am considered a relic of a bygone age and not worthy of invitation.  That or there really aren’t that many people bothered how they get xp in the 30s anymore. Certainly there are plenty of them on, but most are levelling subjobs and I understand entirely that it’s more hassle than its worth to xp in parties when you can pl yourself, sub DNC  or duo/trio.

Last night a lot of the NA crowd were on because it was a national holiday.  Clevan wanted xp on his WAR which was at 72 and had crazily suggested he synch down to my PLD… Well ok, if you’re nuts… My PLD was 36 and I had never xp’d in East Ronfaure [S] before so we decided to try it. Marathonman came on  – which was pretty awesome :), so Ath, Xan, Kaz, MM, C and I went into the past.

Initially Ath was WHM, MM was RDM. He turned up once we’d gotten there and were debating on what to do with our sixth slot. Once we dinged 37 it became a lot easier and Ath changed to BRD.  Xp came in thick and fast and not only did I go 36-40, Xan hit 45 DRK, Kaz hit 65 NIN and Clevan hit 73(!) WAR. Kaz had to disappear so Dellos replaced him on his DRG. We had a ton of fun.

There was some faffing over whether we should do some Salvage but Ure had logged, Mart wasn’t on and I thought we’d moved our group to Tues/Weds.  We decided to review a while into the party but peeps didn’t pop and we were having fun.

Eld now looks like this…

Eld at 40 PLD

PLD at 40

I have Gothic Gauntlets/Sabatons and a Mermaid Ring awaiting me at 43. Bounding boots will be replaced then. Hands are kinda ‘meh’ but there really isn’t much right now so Acc will have to do. Three merited DD made me work hard last night. Of course most of that doesn’t kick in at 36 but Dell and Xan especially were hard work but at least High Jump helped when Dell WS for more than half the mob’s health…  Gaining Flash made life easier but my MP was only just keeping up.  Autorefresh, Sigil and later the occasional single Ballad made sure I was never out completely but I’m sure 41+ will be easier. I have learnt to love Sentinel…

At one point Xan decided to go batshit nuts on his DRK. So I let him and didn’t do a thing. I actually thought he was going to make it but a last min TP move took him out. I kinda figured the taru wouldn’t let him die but they were too busy flirting with each other! I’d say I felt guilty but I was too busy laughing… I know, I know I shouldn’t do that and I didn’t for the rest of the party. No one came close to dying, not even at 36 when we aggroed then linked 3-4 ladybugs in a row.  This job is a lot more fun than NIN, and I am I hope more competant at it… I hated NIN tanking. I’ve prolly learnt more from subbing NIN than I ever did playing it.

So me versus 3 elvaan DD wasn’t too bad. Thank god for MP merits is all I can say and OMG I want haste gear for my Flash timer >.> I can now officially start my AF1 quest 😀

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