Why does anyone spend so much gil and/or time on upgrading the WHM relic weapon?

I understand that most relics are completed for personal reasons. I understand that if you love WHM as much as I do, you may want to ‘complete’ it. However I have never, ever understood why any WHM would waste so much time and money on Mjollnir. Sure, if you win the Nomad Bonanza and want a toy to play with, go right ahead but FFS if you have that much gil to waste go upgrade a freaking Yagrush.

I do realise Yagrush hasn’t been around that long.

Hopefully, before the servers die I will get to fight Odin. I have the rank, I have a good chunk of the Nyzul Isle points and Ampoules aren’t too bad to get. I’ve already spent a ton and have nothing much left to grab. Assaults are easy, titles are on the whole achievable.  But I’m unlikely to ever upgrade it because I’d need to inherit 90-120m gil. However much I’d want it to be honest at this stage in the game it might not even go there…  When I started Nova (Dynamis shell), I already decided right at the start that I would NOT upgrade the horn because I didn’t want to get stuck on BRD all the time. Mjollnir didn’t even come into it.

I get that if you were at stage 3 or 4 when the announcement was made, you’d be a bit pissed off. But hell unless you were already on the last 2 stages then just drop the relic upgrade like it was a pile of steaming dhamel turd and start collecting Alexandrite. I’d even argue that if you’re serious about upgrading, you’d have the currency stockpiled before turning it all in… so sell it and buy some freaking alex, or upgrade something else. I don’t even believe that we should all restrict the relic upgrades to whichever-dd-shield-horn-weapon is fashionable at the time. If you play a job and it’s a DD, or can get some good use out of a shield or horn, then go for it.

WHM DD for anything other than fun, campaign or a small set of deeply situational scenarios is shit. Sure you CAN achieve some ok numbers but why the hell would you even go there? Level a freaking DD and upgrade a decent fucking weapon!

And no, I’m sorry, I do not believe there is a WHM out there who can do as well whilst geared for DD, as one who isn’t.  You’re going to be letting down one side or the other. Either you gimp your DD output or you gimp your enfeebling/enhancing/curing/support output.

I enjoy WHM/NIN in Campaign. I even gear for it – FFS just get a Perdu Wand and some other crap and stop wasting gil and time on such a useless toy. I don’t look at a WHM who upgraded a Mjollnir with respect. I look at them and think they’re an idiot with too much gil on their hands that could have been better spent elsewhere.

I really don’t mean any offense, I just happened to browse the BG relic thread. I just don’t see the point. You put Cure Potency +20% or Refreshga or something on it, I’d be all over it but til then, if I had a ton of gil to burn, as a WHM I’d put it on Yagrush.

I really don’t see Mjollnir any differently from Claustrum.


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