It’s in the contract…

This ‘contract’ between me and Xan is legendary. A while ago, I was asked to help out on one ZM mission… on his Galka alt, which I did. A few hours later we’re suddenly in Sky and I have been a freaking tele service… So when he hinted he needed Sky on his Hume alt I said ‘No’  and it became a running joke. Xan kept telling me it’s in the contract… We argue about this in a jokey way, every now and then.

The other day, I levelled PLD with Xan’s DRK and he was being cocky so I stood back and let him see whether he could solo. He couldn’t lol…Tonight I get asked a couple of cryptic questions about putting images online and next thing I see is this…

Xan's Contract

Xan's Contract


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One Comment on “It’s in the contract…”

  1. Xiahou
    February 21, 2010 at 15:25 #

    I’m no legal expert, but that looks like a 100% legit contract!


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