Recent News Part 1: March Update

I  was out of town for a good chunk of the weekend and forgot about Vanafest for a few days. Most unlike me but probably a sign of something.  I broke down on the way home and whilst waiting for roadside recovery, got a text message from one of my friends saying how angry they were about the news.

Having no clue what he was on about, I used the time (standing on the side of the motorway waiting for recovery) to nose around on the web. Faintly surreal, but heh, I wasn’t going anywhere and that’s what web enabled phones are for right?

So all the stuff about March’s update sounded pretty interesting, then I read the real shock news, about the level cap. I started writing a huge post about it all then decided to chop it into two chunks.

New Wings of the Goddess missions

Expected.  I’m slightly irritated that we have one more update AFTER this, to finally get done. Just one medal this time.

New Campaign Ops

Meh. I’ve done a few of em but unless I need to, I won’t get them all done. I have phases of trying the odd one but ‘meh’ indeed.

Castle Zvahl [S] etc

Sounds pretty tough, new armour/weapons/ws might be fun but I suspect this will be really freaking hard. Fighting the Shadowlord could be horrific if it’s anything like Icelands Campaign on crack. Vanafest site says there will be new shinies but meh…

Trial of the Magians

I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks this is SE testing out their concepts for XIV here. Weapon and armour enhancement quests makes me think this will be the source of most upgrades to existing gear when the level cap is raised.

“Trial of the Magians” is the title given to a new quest series designed especially for level 75 characters.
Quest Structure
The quests will be divided into a number of categories, and progression in each will allow players to earn different rewards. The following quest branches and more are being considered:

– Weapon enhancement.
– Armor enhancement.

Trial of the Magians will be introduced to the game in multiple stages, with the initial set of weapon enhancement quests slated for addition in the March version update.

New NMs

This I actually like. Especially if they become part of the Hunt Registry and drop decent Evolith. New models including a killer crab that I’ve been on about for years. I’ve always wanted an HNM uber crab to periodically terrorise Valkurm Dunes.  New Dragon thing, antlion thing and pimped crab in the images.


New recipes including new warp items – interesting.  Easier access to evolith – better.

Job Adjustments

I can’t quite translate the BST one; I think it means new or more jug pets?  Summoner – Odin AND Alexander was quite a surprise but I kinda like the restrictions on them. So here – have an uber Avatar but you can only use it in a specific way.  Reminds me a lot of X.  Situationally useful depending on what they actually do… and how it works. As long as you don’t have to beat Odin in Einherjar to get him, I’m fine with it.  I’ve finished ToAU. Well with PUP, I’ll be honest, I think this went a bit far. I think they needed higher Hand-to-Hand skill and I realise they don’t get all the job traits that a MNK does, but an A rating should have been a B of some sort. I don’t play MNK or PUP though, so I’m limited in what I can say but A rating +maton (albeit fairly flimsy) seems overkill. I guess they really like PUP and so we have to.

Server Mergers

Yep, FFXI is dying etc etc but some servers are getting squished in together, my only thought was it’s a shame Alexander isn’t included.

World Server Mergers

World Server Mergers


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