So, will you be levelling RDM for your WHM? Subjobs again

I just did a quick trawl through wiki, after a discussion prompted me to think about it on Alla. This is just a whistle stop tour of existing stuff that each of these sub jobs have at 49.

If you don’t already have it, does anyone else think there’s a serious chance that /RDM may be come a necessity for 99 WHMs? I guess it depends a lot on what other spells they give us on the way up and whether they nerf convert and refresh at all for subjobs?  I don’t think it will replace /SCH entirely but I can see it coming up as a serious secondary sub.

Subbing SCH at 99 may net you Manifestation, Accession and…

04 Stone
08 Water
12 Aero
16 Fire
20 Blizzard
21 Drain
24 Thunder
30 Sleep●
30 Stone II
32 Dispel●
34 Water II
36 Aspir
38 Aero II
41 Sandstorm
42 Fire II
43 Rainstorm
45 Windstorm
46 Klimaform – probably not because its the SCH AF1?
46 Blizzard II
47 Firestorm
49 Hailstorm

But you still save all the nice things that you have with Light Arts, Dark Arts,  Sublimation, Conserve MP etc. Sublimation will take longer to charge of course with higher HP. Another charge would be nice but I doubt we’d see it as it doesn’t kick in on SCH til after 48.

Subbing RDM at 99 may net you Convert, Magic Attack Bonus II and Magic Defense Bonus II and

04 Stone
05 Poison
08 Blind
09 Water
10 Bio
11 Bind
14 Aero
16 Enthunder
18 Enstone
19 Fire
20 Blaze Spikes
20 Enaero
21 Gravity
22 Enblizzard
24 Blizzard
24 Enfire
25 Sleep
27 Enwater
29 Thunder
32 Dispel
33 Phalanx
35 Stone II
36 Bio II
39 Barvirus
40 Ice Spikes
40 Water II
41 Refresh
45 Aero II
46 Poison II
46 Sleep II

No extra Fast Cast trait as that doesn’t kick in until later. I’d speculate they could mess with the convert ratio, but they may not touch it. Sleep II is a nice bonus. Blind, Grav, Sleep, Dispel (without having to change to Dark Arts. Phalanx would be nice too as we get access to enhancing gear but a lot of the benefits from subbing RDM are from convert/fresh.

Subbing BLM at 99 would give you only an extended spell list of…

01 Stone
03 Poison
04 Blind
05 Water
07 Bind
09 Aero
10 Bio
10 Blaze Spikes
12 Drain
13 Fire
15 Stonega
16 Shock
17 Blizzard
17 Warp
18 Rasp
19 Waterga
20 Choke
20 Ice Spikes
20 Sleep
21 Thunder
22 Frost
23 Aeroga
24 Burn
24 Poisonga
25 Aspir
25 Tractor
26 Stone II
27 Drown
28 Firaga
29 Escape
30 Shock Spikes
30 Water II
31 Sleepga
32 Blizzaga
34 Aero II
35 Bio II
36 Thundaga
38 Fire II
40 Stonega II
40 Warp II
41 Sleep II
42 Blizzard II
43 Poison II
44 Waterga II
45 Stun
46 Thunder II
48 Aeroga II

Subbing SMN would give you Resist Slow II, Elemental Siphon (based on summoning skill so a bit weak?) and the following

38 Crimson Howl — Ifrit
39 Sleepga — Shiva
42 Lightning Armor — Ramuh
43 Ecliptic Growl — Fenrir
44 Glittering Ruby — Carbuncle
46 Earthen Ward — Titan
47 Spring Water — Leviathan
48 Hastega — Garuda
49 Noctoshield — Diabolos

Another way of getting an AoE Stoneskin and Haste but Hastega will last 90s and the stoneskin is limited by Avatar level.

I think we may see /RDM become stronger for WHM and a more serious contender for /SCH than either /SMN or /BLM.

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One Comment on “So, will you be levelling RDM for your WHM? Subjobs again”

  1. March 5, 2010 at 18:29 #

    Looking at this list makes it really apparent that BLM wouldn’t be that great of a subjob anymore. I use BLM sub on my WHM, and now that they have the Field of Valor book in almost every zone, to have Warp available opens up the opportunity to have other subjobs.

    Another downside of BLM sub is the fact that all your spells are resisted. So, really, I’d be missing out on Warp (II), Escape, and Tractor. Nowadays, people carry around Warp Cudgels, Tavnazian Ring and other rings to bring themselves to safer areas to log.

    SMN seems a pretty viable sub with Auto-Refresh, Hastega, and Earthen Ward. Maybe the duration will be gimped and not worth summoning though.

    RDM is also nice because of Convert. Dispel is usually never resisted, and since WHM have a natural enfeebling skill, it would be much better than subbing BLM for an elemental skill.

    I haven’t tried SCH too much to really analyze it as in depth.


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