A better weekend, or how not to go insane as a shell leader

This weekend was a lot better than they’ve been in a while.  I spent a few evenings off game last week just chilling, catching up with household stuff, ‘Being Human’ and various books and other games. I needed a break and I think I still need to make room for less time online so there will be more evenings off as I catch up on my real life list.

Still, finally I think we’re getting somewhere with lifting some of the stress of running the linkshells and sharing it a bit.  I approached Mac to take over the EU Limbus runs. I enjoy Limbus as an event but after over 3 years of it, and our major run being after an evening of Einherjar and major event, it’s too much. He’s going to co-ordinate with Carp, and they made a good start this weekend. I’ll talk about the rest a bit later.


God knows why, but I still love Dynamis and so am determined to keep my oar in, on that. I get a lot of simple pleasure out of doing that event, and doing it well. It’s nice to see us get people the gear they want and to do things like clear Qufim easily. We had such a good run this week, even though in some ways, it wasn’t as smooth as others.

We had two new peeps go out hunting for the subjob ??? and both died but had reraise and found it soon after. We got the bats down at the start without any issues because we made sure the BRDs and WHMs were ready with sleeps.  The water ele kept deaggroing, something I’ve never seen before but we dragged it along and dealt with it fine, even after Neph, linked the two stats near it pretty badly. We just dealt with it. Kraken was a walk in the park.

Assassin's Cape

Our token accessory drop

We managed NOT to aggro any snolls, get the Rocs and Ice ele down with no incident. The only person who died in the Suttung pull was me, and Clevan was fast enough to pull Suttung off before I died under a flurry of Snolls. Seriously, it looked like Suttung walked over to them and said ‘Hey, let’s go for a walk’ and they were up for it.  That death didn’t need to happen at all, I just was in a hurry. Suttung went down without incident and we got setup for the Boss.

We usually are ready for the Boss with about 20mins to go, but we hit him right around the 10min mark.  Kaz, grabbed it, I managed to stun him in a good place, hit chainspell stun well for a change and the DDs were quick off the mark to pwn his face in.

Kaz didn’t die, both CS stuns went off well and suddenly Antaeus was a smear on the ground again, with little incident. It wasn’t the smoothest run until the Boss, but the result was excellent and almost everyone now has Tav. We’ve had waves of peeps coming in who have needed these wins so as soon as we think we’re done with them again, someone else needs but at last we have enough peeps for 2 exploratory runs later this month.


Einherjar was a ton better than it’s been in ages too and everyone knew it. We had three waves, Worms, Marid, Frogs and the KB boss. We had a ton of mobs to kill but the alliances went through the worms like butter. The Marid were a little tougher but dispels were flying and everyone just put their all into it. The BRD rotations are working well, kudos to Kai for managing that well.  When the frogs popped, there were tons of em and we were worried but they barely got a moment to do anything. One Breakga went off but they died so fast it was crazy. There were a lot of them though and then we saw KB. I guess we’d all hoped for a friendlier Boss but we got all the Frogs down and piled into him. We timed out around 50%.  A lot of Worms, a huge number of frogs and an average wave of Marid meant we were pushed for time but everyone realised this week that we can do it and there’s a real air of excitement again that Odin isn’t that far.  This is the third time we’ve switched things around and now ideally we have…



And 2-3 WHM, RDM, BRD + 3 DD parties depending on who shows.

Honestly, whilst we all hope to kill Odin regularly, if we only kill him once I’ll be happy!


After Einherjar,  Carp ran a couple of Wyrm KSNM99s. KSNMs didn’t drop anything of note but were pretty easy. With 10-11 mins per run, they don’t take long.

KSNM 99 pool

Typical KSNM99 Wyrm pool

This is a big change for us that now on Sundays, all the officers will take it in turns to run the major event. With Danathxiv stepping up to help out with Einherjar, it should help enormously as as I’m no longer running 3 large-scale events on a Sunday night.


Almost everyone in the shell turned out for Limbus. I think we’d had such a positive weekend, that no one wanted it to stop. We had a lot of people show last weekend too.  So we split into a couple of runs and grabbed a couple of needed Temenos wins so Ultima won’t be far.

As long as people continue to step up to help run Sunday evenings, I think things will be a lot easier and less stressful.  I know I’ll occasionally have a weekend where I run Einherjar and then an event but as long as I’m not dealing with Limbus at the end of it, I think it’s ok.  We took a break between the KSNMs and Limbus and I noticed peeps bugging Carp about jobs an hour before the run and gently squashed that. Seriously,  having had years of dealing with event after event where peeps just ask you about jobs constantly at the point where you don’t have a clue, I know how it feels.

Einherjar is a bit of an exception, I wish they’d put in an armour storing NPC in Nashmau;, it causes so many headaches when peeps need to change jobs because someone had to afk, log off, fell asleep.

Anyway, Limbus is SEP. Aside from the usual input into who gets what,  the worrying about zones/chips/coins/jobs goes to Carp/Mac and we’ll just have our usual discussions about Homam and Nashira before the Bosses.


Altruistic Cape

Altruistic Cape

To end on a personal note, was very grateful to Bergi and some of the shell for coming out several times over the past few weeks to kill Ix’DRK. Finally got my cape on Friday night :).  Now we have to do is persuade Ix’DRG to put out for Aunshi. Mac and Silk both want an Altruistic Cape too,  he didn’t drop on Silk’s pop 😦 and now the taru has to work away for a month. We’ll keep going back, Deeds are always needed.  With the pops I’m holding I actually think we have enough crap to pop almost everything in Sea.


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