Things I’ve recently learned about group synergy

When I logged in last night, I had no plans. In fact my plans consisted of getting high enough on Dragon Age to move onto the new expansion but I popped in to say hi.

Mac sent me a /tell asking if I was high enough to synergise his Ebon Frock. I thought initially he meant craft him one but not, he had the frock and he needed it turned into a Talar. Whatever one of those is…

I honestly had no idea. I did a bunch of synergy skilling up a while back but hadn’t capped it. So between us we had a look around. First thing we discovered is that Mac had no synergy whatsoever and needed to do the initial quest. I then realised I needed to level up a couple more points to make his item. So whilst Mac ran around, I spammed synergy synths on my crafting apron. Eventually I went from 28 to 30 and was set.

So, you party up and the person who needs the end item has to claim the furnace and then trade the components. In this case, an Ebon Frock and an Aptant: Geoc I think. Once the lid goes down on the furnace, other people in the party can join in. As Mac had done none, it was down to me. I had the requisite Cloth, Leather and Gold skills and enough Synergy at 30 to attempt. As we had no idea how it worked until we tried it, we didn’t realise that the person whose item it is, also has to end the synth. So we missed out the first couple of times. Eventually though we cracked it. I levelled up 2 whole points trying but saved us a bit of fewell cost by supplying some I had cheaply synthed.

Successful Ebon Talar synth

Mac's Ebon Talar synth

Mac didn’t really get involved in the process but was fascinated by it and eventually cottoned on enough to get interested in the whole thing. At the end he had his Ebon Talar and we then tried a quick experiment to inscribe it. Mac chose a random element just so I could see how it works. It’s really easy. Your item determines what form of slot you get and whether it’s a dark or light based element you can choose from. He chose an ice based slot, so we went for that. All you need to do is a very simply synergy recipe of the item and a mordant. Then, in this case it just wanted 40 ice. My first attempt was rubbish but the process was much easier than the initial Talar synth. I then removed it using the Revertant which is even easier, so that Mac can go play with his new toy some more and dye it another colour if he wants.

Ebon Talar Front

Ebon Talar Front

For some reason the whole process was hilarious and interesting, especially over skype and now we both know how to deal with group synths. I can see if you need several people working on the whole thing together, you’ll need to co-ordinate who does what but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward 🙂

Ebon Talar Back

Ebon Talar Back

We then went up and killed Jengott in Fei Yin and tried the Goobbue NM in the past marshes but no aptant drop for the first and the second kicked our butts.

Fun 🙂


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