/annoyed of Alexander

Ok, lots of weirdness going on this week in game and out as I’m dealing with a horrible situation with one of my close friends. It means things are a bit incoherent in my world right now. However I would like to take a moment to /fume. I bought the new past aketon, whilst trying to get enough AN to rank up to a new medal.

Why the bloody hell does it look just like my current day one?!  Would it really have hurt to tart it up a bit? Especially with the new name etc? Even a couple of extra buttons or something would be nice… Yes it’s useful, but meh. I only bought it because I thought they’d have done at least a basic makeover on it. Bah!

Still,  I did get to fight Odin and reflag the Alex quest. Tonight I will try and rank up around Limbus and maybe get the items needed to get back into these fights as I’d like the same torques as everyone else. Inv+1 please on the dark and ele torques.  Haven’t checked but I’m guessing the ele and dark torques aren’t completely obsolete because of level differences and the fact that not everyone has done ToAU.

Still amazes me that people are still starting CoP. ToAU is more recent but a lot easier. I guess a lot of people aren’t bothered about the rings and just got as far as Black Coffin and stopped.  I finished ToAU before the issue of Captain came up but you need to do them for that too.

The Odin fight was also a walk in the park, think he was dead in 90s. Not complaining as we zerged him with a BRD 2 hour. I was tempted to skip the pact and take the torque but decided to just get the summoning pact out the way. Glad I did having seen screenshots of Odin doing 7k+ to Odin in Einherjar.

I tried out Odin in Campaign and he did almost 1200 damage to some random Quad. I don’t think it hit any of the other mobs though.

I wanted to go explore the new Icelands areas but everyone wussed on me. Seems I’m the only person in the shell who enjoys Campaign up there. That or they were too busy running around with their Crystals or starting Magian weapon quests 🙂


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