Catching up a bit. Random post is random.

Haven’t written much recently because life has been strange over the last couple of weeks.  Here in the UK, the Easter weekend is a 4 day weekend and I was sick for a few days.  We cancelled Einherjar and any formal Sunday event over Easter because a lot of people had family commitments. I’m a bit of a heathen so Easter doesn’t mean much to me, but I completely understand the necessity of entertaining small people with coloured eggs.

Cure Potency

Staff I am aiming for

I’m nearly done with the next trial on my magian staff.  Mart logged in last night and we knocked out another 20 mobs before Salvage and so I think I have 23 left to do and I can move to Ro’maeve. I haven’t pushed for this as hard as I might have done before but I am making steady progress so it will happen sooner or later.

Everyone seemed very emo online last night. There wasn’t any drama, just a few people up and down.  We restarted Salvage and as ever, saw nothing drop. More tonight I think.

Have been messing around with VNMs with Kaz, Bergi, Aunshi, Ure, Clevan and others. Have helped Kaz kill NMs in Sara past and present for his Great Axe. Have killed the northlands Tier II NMs and a few in Ronfaure. I’m hoping to trigger a crystal change to a blue crystal this week before we attempt some Tier IIIs sometime over the weekend.

valor gauntlets

I have somehow ended up with a Fierce Belt, Warrior’s mufflers and Valor Gauntlets after the weekend. Of the three, the gauntlets are the only thing I really wanted. No one else needed or even wanted them and as I’m still working on allied notes and it may be decades before I have enough, I figured that the relic hands would be nice for PLD for a while.  We did also see a Wyrm belt drop, which was nice for Hasi, he’s almost done on DRG now and had a couple of good weeks in a row.

Canvas Toile

In Limbus I was very pleased to see this and so complete the upgrades I wanted to do for COR. Neph had it already and Bergi either didn’t need or want.  I’ve actually been playing COR more often recently. Every now and then it just makes more sense for me to come COR, especially as we have more BLMs than ever.

Send some good thoughts this way, concerned about a close friend, they could use a few.

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2 Comments on “Catching up a bit. Random post is random.”

  1. April 13, 2010 at 20:03 #

    Where did you go for trial 791? I’m having the hardest time finding an area where weather pops that has spiders I can solo ~____~ Good luck with finishing your Teiwaz!


    • eldelphia
      April 14, 2010 at 11:28 #

      I was going to post this up when done but here’s a summary of everything I have done/learned so far..

      Here’s a quick run down of what you need and how to get there…

      * 790 100 Treants and under any weather
      * 791 100 Spiders under Fire, Wind, Thunder or Light weather
      * 828 100 of any mob defeated on Lightsday or under light weather
      * 829 100 arcana defeated on Lightsday or under light weather
      * 834 Need to get the finishing blow on 150 beast mobs with light damage of 50+
      * 838 Trade 10 bottled pixies whilst 834 equipped

      You need to pick up a ‘Crook’ from the chest next to the Magian moogle in Ru’lude. You then trade that crook to the moogle to select a trial to undertake. You can do any of these trials level synched, which in some cases may help. All mobs you need to kill have to give xp.

      #790 – Saplings count as treants. I found it easiest to kill saplings outside Nashmau in the mire. I went just west but there are saplings east as well. There is Darkness, Rain and Thunder there a lot. Mac and Ath found Grauberg on the gnotty treants good as well. Weather is up a lot there but the mobs take slightly longer to kill. Also, if MP is an issue, in Nashmau you can just run in, use Moogle and zone back out.

      #791 – whilst you can run all over the place for this, your best bet is probably Bhaflau thickets. If you’re going elsewhere check the weather in Boyada and Kuftal by talking to weather checkers in Mhaura and Rabao respectively. There is a weather checker in Whitegate on the upper level, east of the fountain. Essentially what you are looking for is the weather being Windy. If you see sunny or clear with only a chance of winds, then they won’t pop long. For Boyada, you will see storms and gales. These just mean double weather. I had a lot of luck in Boyada and thickets but didn’t waste time in Kuftal as every time I checked the weather wasn’t good. However the weather alters each season, so it might just be I hit the wrong season for Kuftal but a good one for Boyada and Thickets. This was the worst trial to date.

      #828 – kill anything on lightsday, easy. Didn’t bother with the weather for this one as its rare but the odd weather in sky or qufim could do it. Mobs in nyzul isle give xp, not sure about Limbus.

      #829 – arcana on lightsday. You might get lucky in sky with weather but otherwise your choices are Ro’Maeve or Fei Yin. Both are good for different reasons. Ro’Maeve is more accessible and has FoV but Fei-Yin will have less competition, more NMs and better drops. Your call really. Arcana is magic aggro central though so be careful.

      #834 – this is the one I’m currently on but have picked up the following. Uleguerand Range is good for this. You get to slaughter bunnies, tigers and even buffalo if you want. You need to kill the mob with a 50+ light element damage shot. So Banish/Holy/meteorite/Luminohelix.

      #838 – this it the last trial. Involves the WHM subbing BLM and setting homepoint in their home city in the past. You then farm up the bottled pixies from the High priests, their drop rate is very very high. Can be done almost solo by a SAM. You grab one, warp, go trade in Grauberg and recall-meri to get back. The pixies are rare ex and this is why they’ve been appearing in the present, so many peeps are trying to get this done


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