Hmmm – is it worth it?

Tonight in Salvage, we ran Arrapago. It was a good run. We took Niamh, Bergi, KD, Pharm, Stunmonk and of course Mart and me.  No Ares body 35 as usual but went up to the Boss and finally got around to killing him. We just hadn’t bothered before to be honest.  He’s a really easy kill… and I’ve actually as a result completed 1/3 quests towards Yagrush without actually trying. I doubt I will try if I’m honest, I can’t see me raising 90-120m ever, but still nice to tick off.

Ea's Doublet

Ea's Doublet

The result was that we got a bunch of the usual 15s and a couple of 25s. One was ares (feet?) and the other was the marduk body 25. Which actually makes me 3/3 on the Marduk Jubbah pieces. Of course now… I’d need 14m or so to upgrade it. I could cut down the cost by spamming ISNM etc but is it really worth it…? I love how the piece looks but that’s a lot of work and part of me wonders if it’s really worth it. I play WHM and BLM most and Morrigan’s body would make more sense. Except now these pieces have fallen into my lap…

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One Comment on “Hmmm – is it worth it?”

  1. Baelorn
    April 8, 2010 at 13:56 #

    You could always start gathering the mats/gil and see if you get the Morri items before you’re finished.


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