Updating my BRD

I’ve decided I need to work on a few things to improve my other jobs, aside from WHM. So I’m running around working out which rare ex/nm drops/merits etc I still need. BRD is in need of quite a bit of work to bring it up. I have decent but not exceptional gear for it. Some pieces are really nice but are let down by others.

  1. Marduk’s Tiara – working on it but we have another person who also needs. Useful for both my SMN and my BRD.
  2. Astute Cape – having gotten the other two, I should finish this off and get it. Useful for my SMN and BRD.
  3. Oracle’s Pigaches – only had one serious attempt at these and they didn’t drop. I have goliard but if I want a decent march build, I need em. so it means another cheesehoarder, an Iriz Ima and another Dea. At least those can be low manned easily.
  4. Chanter’s staff – I thought I had one of these on a mule, I don’t. I need to find someone to team up with for the ENM, we could do Uninvited Guests at the same time

Those are the major pieces and all are achievable. I may just buy the staff. I could do it now but as its in an ENM and I like doing UG, I’d prefer not to spend 400k+ on it right now. The reason being I may make the mammoth effort to achieve another piece of expensive gear, which probably isn’t the marduk jubbah.

I need to cap out Nightingale and Troubadour for BRD too and then I’ll feel a bit better about it


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