One of my best friends: Clevan

Well that was the standard post. Now for the not-so-standard post. A few people know how much I hate it when someone says ‘it’s just a game’. Yes, on many levels it is just a game but for most people the reason you stay playing it for so long is because of the community. That’s certainly the case for me.

Yes, it’s nice to beat certain fights, pimp out your character in pretty pixels but for me at least, if it was just a game, I’d have been bored years ago.


Some of my closest friends in this environment have become close outside it. I’ve met up with various members of the shell, past and present.  It was one of the reasons I visited NYC a couple of times. I’d always wanted to go but it was a lot easier to travel on my own when I knew I’d be meeting friends at the other end.

There are a handful of people over the other side of the pond who I’ve known for about 5 years and at least one of those I now consider one of my closest friends. His character name is Clevan.

He’s been our main tank for years. He has 75 PLD, NIN and WAR and he’s awesome. Last night, on the linkshell, he finally told people something I’ve known about for the last few weeks. He has lung cancer.


He will be going through treatment and they think they can help him but it’s going to be rough. I’m hoping to head over and see him soon.  He doesn’t want to be hassled about it, but I’m sure it would help to know a lot of people are rooting for him. It must have been one of the hardest things to come out and say in an environment where you are often there to get away from the harsh realities of real life.


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