I’m going to write two posts today. This one, about recent events we’ve messed around with and another. So let’s get the fun stuff done first.

VNMs and Trial of Magians

Various people have come out and helped with killing mobs so that slowly I am getting my trials for the cure potency staff completed. Niamh came up to Ro’Maeve to help with the latest one and we managed to get 38 mobs done in lightsday once he got there. So I need another 62 and I will be on the next trial which involves the killing blow being 50+ light damage.

We helped Kaz complete his Bonesplitter for a mighty 100 damage GA by killing various VNM mobs in Sarutabaruta and Ronfaure. Lots of people are working on trial weapons at the moment, I think Kai has 5 on the go.

Lord Ruthen

 Then we tried killing Lord Ruthen and Orcus (tier III VNMs). The first time we tried the vampyr we messed up fairly badly and whilst we did good damage, too many people were getting caught in the AoE drains and so it we messed it up fairly badly. We didn’t wipe but we didn’t do that well. We went back for a rematch and took him out fairly easily. As long as you keep people out of the AoE and have a decent support team for your PLDs you should be ok. RNG and SMN really are win. Add a COR in with the SMN. I’m sure you could do this with quite a small group if you were careful.


Orcus we didn’t really know what to expect and we didn’t expect what we got. He kicked our butts. He attacks very, very fast and has some nasty JA. I think we were a bit tired after Lord Ruthen which didn’t help. We messed and he depopped.  Still, we learnt a lot about him and he’s an awesome looking mob. He’s absolutely huge too, which made quite a sight in West Sara.

 Other events

Dynamis was a great run up until the Boss, CS stun went off fine but he just spammed crap and we lost Valk again. This zone seems to be the bane of our existence. I think we’ve won 3 lost 3 so far. It annoys me somewhat. I’m going to try and put Fairy Ring back into the run as we often have the time now. Initially we struggled but we’re much faster and more organised now. Flies and Nantina were pulled with no issues, people didn’t aggro anything etc.

Homam Drops

Limbus was another Omega. We need a couple of bodies and some legs. So we got hands/feet. Shao can use most of it for his BLU so he got the feet and two of us levelling PLD got to lot the hands. I lost the lot but Carp passed in the end because he wants to finish WAR more. So my level 43 PLD has a pair of Homam hands… we struggled to give them away last time too. However, unless the people who do still need them actually show up, what can we do? Thankfully, hardly anyone does now. We’ve had rivers of Homam, including a lot more bodies than most but we’re still not capped. I’m guessing we never will be. From both Ultima and Omega what we need are bodies and legs, more than anything.

My PLD is about 1500 from 44. I’m going to put some serious work into levelling it up over my vacation time to push it closer to 75. We really need another PLD around for the odd thing especially considering the news I’ll write about in a bit.

I’m not at this point going to make the effort to upgrade the Marduk Body. I really can’t justify it. I may if I get lucky in the Mog Bonanza or something but for now the pieces will stay in storage. If  a speed belt drops during our KSNM99, then the gil will probably go on gaiters and a novio. Otherwise I’m going to work on a second Sarameya pop for  items to sell. Kaz and I still need to finish off our current set, with Nosferatu being the last thing we need to kill for our pop.  Along with wanting to get working on oracle’s pigaches, I need to gather quite a few zenis.

Busy time. Something I think a lot of people are feeling right now. So am trying to pick and choose a bit. Have tried camping Ix’DRG a couple of times but no luck getting him to pop or, some other group popped him in the room we’d cleared before we got back there… c’est la vie.

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