Completed Cure Potency Teiwaz

I finished this yesterday thanks to the help of a few peeps and their patience with pixie farming. Lots of people have helped me along the way to this staff but yesterday Yehipers, KD, Mart and Ure especially helped.  Sunday night I was down to 100 beast mobs to kill with 50+ light damage so I killed 11 more solo on SMN and went to bed. Monday I spent the entire day it felt like, in Uleguerand Range. I was doing chores around the house and then would come back and solo a few more bunnies etc to get closer to the target. I think I hit 28 when Yehipers came up and raised me as I’d not noticed reraise dropping and had been pwned by a Snoll by ironically, trying to recast rr mid fight.

Finishing 834

Finishing 834

Yip needed tiger kills under weather and so we killed two birds with one stone. We killed tigers whilst weather was up and bunnies when it wasn’t. Finally, 150 mobs were up and it was time for me to head back to Jeuno. I sent Mitch up to help finish the tigers. You have to remember at this point I’d been there most of the freaking day and was sick of it.

Trading  pixies

Trading pixies

I trade in my staff and KD and Ure decide to help me finish up. We retraced and I set my home point in Bastok [S] and brought WHM/BLM out to Meriphateud Mountains [S]. We found a Yagudo High Priest and he went down very fast. Cue 10 rounds of killing the High Priest, me grabbing the pixie, warping and then porting to Grauberg to trade. The guys got to the point where pretty much the pixie dropped as I hit the zone… I’d cure em up and warp off again. 10 bottles later and I was heading to Ru’lude Gardens, relieved it was all over!

Completed Staff

Completed Staff

Yay! 40% Cure potency!

Overkill much? For WHM yes. But for RDM, SCH, BLM, BRD and SMN it’s a useful boost. Especially to RDM, SCH and BRD. All of which I use for various things which need me curing. I figure all this cure potency is Square Enix’s way of dealing with the increased HP we’ll be seeing in the near future. I bought myself a Reign grip whilst I was at it, to boost my Cure V and enfeebles as a celebration!


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