Busy times

I haven’t posted much even though I’ve been playing a ton. I’ve been in a weird mood. Lots of cool things going on in game though.

Salvage is picking up nicely. We managed a pretty full Arrapago run the other day. No drops of course but 4 rats and an Archaic chariot kept us busy. We tried for the rats on the 6th floor but didn’t do it fast enough. We’ve never tried that before so now we know what we need to do.

Ouryu Drops

Ouryu Drops

We took out Ouryu fairly easily on Sunday. It was the first time in ages that we’d tried it and it was fine. So now we have another Monarch’s Orb.

SL Battle

SL Battle

Alexander got hold of the Shadow Lord BC in the past last week and we had a shot at that. Unfortunately it took forever to get there and we messed up. Saying that, the fight itself isn’t too hard. A couple of stupid mistakes were made and it cost us the shot. We didn’t get to repeat because people had to go but if it ever comes up again, I think it’s a straightforward win.

Xping with Niamh

Xping with Niamh

I now own a pair of homam hands for what was my level 43 PLD. Carp and I lotted and he passed to me because he wants to finish up WAR first. No one else there needed. It’s now 47 thanks to some quick duoing with Nia. I can’t get a party for anything right now unless I want to synch to Qufim and I really don’t. After all, I’m keeping my shield skill capped nicely right now and even my parrying is shooting up. I like PLD and I think it will be a useful thing to have on occasion.

Dynamis was fun, although the situation on the server right now isn’t. Not everyone in the world uses summertime clock changes and so right now, we’re closer to the far east and it’s showing. Add in some new shells, some shout groups (never seen this on Alex before) and its getting more and more difficult to get the zones we want. This week, we wanted a shot at Sandy and got it but had to go in late. Thankfully it dropped 3 hundreds for us, otherwise this session’s payouts with two CoP runs would have been weak.

We at least on the whole, have access to Tav and so that’s always an option. Problem is we have 20-26 reliable members and going to Tav is always going to leave someone out. It’s the asian groups who are going later and later who are causing the worst issues. When we started Nova, it was in a fairly quiet slot. Now, almost every zone is taken.

Been trying to raise some gil and am slowly doing so. I’ll probably hold off until the version update before investing in anything but I’m going to need about 3m to upgrade Marduk Head and more if I’m ever going to upgrade Morri or buy Gaiters.



Have been doing some ISNMs, not had an ore drop to me yet but I’ve seen a few. I need to merit/xp more. I’ve really slacked on it since I hit Captain rank and so now have barely any IS. I guess now is the time to finally cap Group II BLM merits and work on all the other bits and pieces. I have two shield skill merits already >.>

Some things just make good screenshots

Also trying to get back into the habit of doing ENMs. They’ve been sporadic but between needing evokers for Ouryu and wanting to raise gil, we’re starting to do them a bit more.

Eld's PLD gear at 47

Eld's PLD gear at 47

Anyway, this is what Eld looks like right now 🙂 I’ve kept the sword Rotx made for me for just under a year and it makes me smile to be able to use it.  I should note I have a collar, curaga earring and mermaid ring for when tanking. This is what I’ve been soloing ladybugs on.

Eld's Gear

Eld's Gear


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