Krabkatoa Steamers! Dorps!

I had a quiet evening this evening, finally giving into the pressure of an E Ron party for my 47.5 PLD. I’d been pling myself in Batallia [S] on beetles and it was working, but it’s slow. I really need to get to 50+ and then it should get easier.  So once the party was done, I’m left with a barely 49 PLD who needs to recap shield for level 48 and then of course the newly acquired 49. Not too bad.  48 means Life Belt, not sure if anything of note happens at 49 but 50 is big for PLD.

Krabkatoa Steamers

Krabkatoa Steamers

So, once I’m done, I ask Aunshi and Bergi whether Ix’DRG has popped yet and it hasn’t and more to the point they’re bored and Bergi wants to try the pathing trick for Krabkatoa. So, I gear up SCH/RDM and head on out. Mart comes out to help on BLM once the fight is under way.



The pathing is messed up. You can make a crab the size of a small house, almost non-threatening. His AoE range is huge though, and I died a couple of times from bubble shower. Helices land really well and do nice damage and you can keep him completely busy with care. I only really died because I was trying to buff others and wasn’t looking out for myself, it was completely avoidable.  I can understand now, how this fight is soloable but I wouldn’t have the balls to try it, that’s for sure! Duo/Trio – yes…

Krabkatoa Pool

Krabkatoa Pool

I asked nicely and a friend brought TH4. Not only did we kill the krab with 3-4 of us (I was out of it mostly for the last half), TH4 paid off and we got full drops! Huge grats to Bergi on his Karka ring and to Aunshi on his aerodynamicaru Arubens Helm! I have some dead sea life in my invent now as no one really wanted.

Aunshi and Bergi

Aunshi and Bergi


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