I know where all my ZNM luck went….

I’m not complaining. I’m both happy and frustrated. I love that frankly Salvage has been awesome for me however I do not love that we really, really need 3+ pairs of Usukane feet, an Usukane head, some Usu hands and various bits of Skadi. Is it awesome that through 4 different salvage groups I now have 13/15 parts of the Marduk set? Yes.  However it’s getting a bit stupid that we cannot get melee 35s for love nor money. We’ve seen.. 3? Now realise we only go reliably twice a week (although some of us did some extra pickup runs with a friend in the autumn resulting in more 35 mage pieces). However today we went 1/3 on Marduk head 35. Awesome. Except that we have done a Bhaflau run pretty much every week since I don’t know when and seen one usu feet and one skadi mask. We’re talking about since August. We’ve had one skadi feet, one usu feet completed. BA got his Usu legs 35 but quit the game. We’ve killed a lot of rats, gears, ramparts, chariots and bugs. Yes, we should go more often. But please, for the love of Altana, drop something else someone else wants… One pair of skadi feet, one pair of Usu feet and one Usu head is not fair. Yes, the marduk head is great for my SMN and BRD and useful for WHM. However in many ways I wish we’d seen almost anything but…

Enlill's Tiara

Enlill's Tiara

I’m scrabbling around putting money together for the o ingots. This is so that when the 25 drops, I can upgrade fast. I have 5 ingot already, with the money for 2 more and enough stuff on sale to fun at least one more. I am doing the signature collecting quest in the past for another and dyn gil will pay for yet more. That leaves me having to find enough gil for two more. Which shouldn’t be too bad at all. At this rate I will seriously have to consider upgrading the body. Even though on some levels its stupid.

Maybe I should only take WHM, BRD and SMN beyond 75… despite all the work I’ve done on BLM. I think SE is trying to tell me something.

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