Awesome weekend; many forms of kitty pants and ring!

Well wow, it’s been busy. Almost time for me to go back to work but before I do I have time to post about the last few days.

Saturday we had a nice Glacier run. Saw a few drops we were overdue on including, PLD. This was the weekend of pants for this particular kitty. We saw 10 drops plus a couple of hundred, making the run fun and profitable. By picking up the Valor pants, Niamh completed his relic set.

Niamh 5/5 PLD

Niamh 5/5 PLD

We seemed to spend every odd moment trying to upgrade people’s VNM crystals. I had a tier II which needed to go to a III and so did others. Bergi and Aunshi now both have Black Crystals and, after a few more tier II I think Alk and I both upgraded to a blue. So, last night after events, we popped Krab for me and not only did we get the title again, but it dropped the ring 🙂 So we’re 2/6ish on rings and I own a Karka!

Eld Karka Ring

Eld's new ring

But I’m jumping ahead. We had a pretty huge break on Sunday. Kirin is an easy kill for us and relatively fun now that we can zerg him regularly. However, over the three years or so that on and off we’ve killed him, he’s never dropped wyrmal legs. Niamh has been top of the list for those for so long, the rest of the shell had given up. He has PLD and RNG and uses both extensively. More to the point, over the years, he’s been up in sky a ton. Peeps would approach us to merc Kirin but we couldn’t take the risk… incase the pants dropped and people started /wrist.

Niamh and Aunshi

Niamh and Aunshi

Finally, last night, Kirin put out for Niamh. He can’t believe it, peeps who logged in couldn’t believe it. He’s had a pair of -1s for 18 months… The entire shell turned out to Al Zabi for a screenshot lol… And to add to the awesomeness of the run, Aunshi walked away with an osode.

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