WHM Progress: May 2010

Probably time for a review of WHM and where I am with it. I’ll post up some screenshots over the weekend but until then FFXIAH will have to do. I’m pretty pleased with my WHM gear right now and have a clear idea of where to make progress. Oh, and even better, I didn’t RMT 15m gil to do it 😉  You can take it as read that I have /SCH, /BLM, /SMN, /NIN and even /RDM should that shortly become relevant.

WHM Merits

  • 5/5 Cure Cast time
  • 5/5 Barspells
  • 5/5 Shellra V
  • 3/5 Devotion
  • 1/5 Martyr
  • 1/5 Protectra V

Also relevant I guess are 8/8 MP merits, 6/8 Enfeebling and 2/8 Enhancing.

Basic Standing Set


I don’t have much to say about this other than it makes balanced use of my gear, doesn’t really lose MP when I haste someone and is what I idle in.  I don’t have a damage down taken set for WHM, although I could easily put one together. I prefer to work on the principle of avoiding taking hate in the first place. I have a Marduk Tiara incoming, as soon as the 25 drops from Arrapago, it could be another MP piece for this set, but I like the HP for this too. I wish they’d put Refresh on the Goliard body…

Cure V


This set has changed a bit recently. I worked my butt off to get the Cure Potency +15% Teiwaz completed and a group of us have been working on VNMs together and so far have walked away with two Karka rings. I did the math and Teiwaz beats out the Templar/Numinous +1 combo. My Cure Vs are sitting at 970 right now without Korin Obi, Healing Feather or a Medicine Ring.

Selenian Cap augments are Cure potency and –ENM, for which I’m kinda thankful. The grip is the Reign grip but may drop that out of this set in favour of the staff grip for the –ENM and MP.  I’ve lost a fair bit of –ENM in this set already. Somewhat depends on what I’m doing I guess.  The Reign grip is really more useful for enfeebling and to help me hit magic stoneskin numbers on other jobs. I should get around to buying the Blessed +1 hands now but I’m working on other gear so they will have to wait until I HQ  or have finished off my Salvage upgrades. That or win the Mog Bonanza. That’s really the last piece I want for this set right now. I don’t think I want to drop the Errant cape for a Prism or Aslan, but I guess I could. I am sitting on 15k+ Ampoules and not sure whether to invest in the Aslan Cape or the Ritter gorget for PLD next. The sensible side of me knows it will be a while until my PLD hits 75 but when you’re sitting on an altruistic cape for enfeebling and a lot of MND gear elsewhere, an Aslan doesn’t seem as useful.

I’d like to be able to drop off the movement speed from the ASA pants but unless I do put the effort into raising the gil for gaiters, it won’t happen. If I manage it or win a pair, then I’ll redo the pants and add the MP and –ENM on them.

My basic cure set changes only slightly from this. Instead of ending cast in Marduk, I leave my cure clogs on. I keep the staff strap and trooper’s ring on.



I’m pretty pleased with my Enfeebling capability on WHM. With /SCH your skill is raised to a decent level to build from and boy can I build. I have 6 merits which help and now I’ve switched out the Raptor Strap +1 for the Reign grip and my Omega ring for the Karka. I have an altruistic cape in the back and am sitting on a good MND/MAcc/Skill combo. At least for now.  HQ Blessed would help a little and for my haste set but realistically I don’t think I’ll bother. Hands yes, legs – only if I HQ them myself. I have the -1 to HQ my mitts but I’m waiting for the -1 for the pantaloons to drop in Tav before HQing the feet and hands.



My Barspell is sitting at 127 but it won’t go much higher unless I cap Enhancing merits or get the -1 pants from Tav. The only change to this set is the inclusion of a Colossus’ Torque instead of an enhancing torque. That means once in a blue moon I’ll have 3 more skill. Probably won’t push me over anything as I think last time I did the sums, keeping 2 Enhancing merits only just keeps 127. I will double check.

Haste Gear

WHM haste gear remains the same and probably will until I get the HQ hands. http://www.ffxiah.com/item_sets.php?id=51243



HMP gear hasn’t changed markedly. I plumped for the hMP grip instead of mace/shield combo for now. At some point I will need to work on the hMP shield again.  This set can be improved by a +6 hMP body, the shield/mace combo, a gnole torque and a couple of the hMP rings. I should go back to spamming for marbles as I am not far from having the maze to pop the torque NM but this set isn’t terrible.  We have almost a complete Sarameya set, obviously I’d like the body from there rather than spending out on a Mahatma.



Still haven’t bought a Divine Torque and I should but I never seem to have issues landing Repose. I hope to complete my Marduk’s Tiara shortly and that will be added to this set for the skill.

HP for Devotion/Martyr


I’m going to be honest, I don’t always carry all of this crap around with me but I try and keep a good proportion of it. It could be improved, but I can hit 300+ Devotion with relative ease, so it will have to do.



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